dragoniter (dragoniter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Be on the lookout for new fake sellers!

Unfortunatley one of these plush I ordered off amazon was a cheap Pokecen bootie D:
just look at this horrendous mess

Ok so a few weeks ago I ordered these guys only to find out my rayquaza was a bootie!

yet they both had similar tags and the person I ordered him from said it was offically licensed! What a bunch of hacks!
Just look at that gimp arm and terrible stitching work, ugh
Be weary of buying off of amazon because they may say it's "offical"
but you can even tell the difference in the tags as well

My salamance was the one that is real while the rayquaza one is a bootleg sadly.
Hopefully I can replace him someday and give this to one of my nephews
I just thought I'd warn you guys is you see any shady plushies on Amazon I'd recommend not buying them even if the reviews show that it it offical.
I didn't even know they made fakes of pokemon center push in all honesty,I'm just dissapointed :/

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