Amanda (caterpie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ssssales Possssst!

Hey hey =D I got permission to make a sales post, finally. Because I have OCD and feel the need to keep it annoyingly organized and such, I put it on my own LJ so that I can keep track of it better.
Here's a tiny preview of what's in there (other than cards), click it to get to the actual sales post!
I hope you like it and can find something that interests you ^^ It might be updated in a week or so, because my friend wants to sell her own figures as well.

And for those curious about what they are... The figures are a bunch of tiny tiny figs that were released here in Brazil about 9 years ago, if not 10, in a promotion. They came in pokeballs that were attached to the bottlecaps of soda. 8D

... Enjoy. xD

And a warning... It's ungodly image-heavy. I like big-ish images because you can see better. 8D
Tags: sales
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