September 4th, 2018

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Post Labor Day sales!

I'm back from labor day holiday travels, so sales are resuming as normal now :3 I do have at least one person I need to get back to tonight-- hope I didn't miss out on anyone else but you're more than welcome to poke me about it in case I did ^^;

Item highlights:

Lots of remaining Re-ment items from recent sets up in the sales as well~ Definitely MVP figure makers of Pokemon for me now XD

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

ISO: Chiku-chiku Sewing items

Hello community! I've recently become rather smitten with the 2015 'Chiku-chiku Sewing' line and and have started to get into the market of shopping for the goods. Most especially I am interested in the plush (Pikachu and Vulpix as well as the Hoppip line mascots) and household goods like the blanket, possibly pillow, sewing kit etc., possibly the dishware as well though not so much that as the other things listed. As well as the bags/pouches if someone is offering any at reasonable prices. So basically most anything from the line I'm at least interested to look at and consider if anybody is selling. XD

Ideally I'd like items to be in good-to-mint condition but again, am just curious as to what's out there right now and may honestly consider anything. Thank you so much for any response!

Old find and New get! (Mirage Pichu and Bellossom Cuddle pillow)


I am still going through all of my Play by Play plush to take pics and i came across another thing that i forgot that i had. (I have way too much stuff XD)

It’s a Mirage Pichu. Unfortunately he has no Ttag. I think that he is a Mirage because he seems to be made out of the same materials as my Pikachu en Charmander Mirage. He also looks pretty derp. So cute!

Unfortunately he is missing his tail and he has an awful stain on his head.
He was given to me for free with another purchase i made on a trip to Belgium.
(He was just sitting in their garage)
I didn’t realize at the time that it could be a Mirage.

He is about 25” tall (65cm) from foot to ear.

Pics under cut.
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Now on to my most recent get that i received in the mail today.

I believe that is a Bellossom Cuddle Pillow. I am not 100% sure because the Ttag is ripped off.
But i have seen it once before on the community page a while back so that is why i assumed that it is. Please let me know if i am wrong. I would appreciate that. ;)

She is about 23” (60cm) tall when standing. Or 18” (45cm) when sitting.

Pics under the cut.
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Thank you for taking the time to have a look! <3

Banpresto Alolan Vulpix reviews! + A couple of questions

Hello everyone! I recently got two new additions to my Alolan Vulpix collection. They are the 2017 Banpresto Plush, small and big size! For a while I was hesitant on getting these little ones since I wasn't sure if I'd like the quality of prize plush, but at last I gave in. Now for the actual reviews and photos-

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TLDR version of these reviews: Overall I am impressed and have no regrets in purchasing these!

I just adore the pattern for these Alolan Vulpix. If I could create my own ideal Snowpix plush, I'd want the Banpresto pattern, but minky fabric, with 'fluffy' fabric as seen on the Takara Tomy, San-ei, or Crystal Season plush for the hair locks and tails- and make it life size! With embroidered eyes, nose, closed smiley mouth, and pawpads of course! PC or someone make it happen!!!

In other news (or at least, I don't think I announced this here in the community yet-if I did I apologize for the repeat lol), after thinking about it for a while I've decided to quit my longtime Fennekin collection and Sylveon side collection. While Fennekin has been very precious to me since the day it was revealed, I've accumulated much more Alolan Vulpix plush that Fennekin soon started to look like my side collection. I never did 'complete' my collection of Fennekin, but I knew I probably wouldn't finish it at all, now with all these neverending Alolan Vulpix releases. So only one foxymon will remain with me, and that will be Alolan Vulpix. As for Sylveon, it's my most favorite Fairy-type and Eeveelution, but I'm really not a huge fan of the majority of its plushes- floppy ears and paint (I also just don't want to dish out so much $$$ on too many overly popular Pokemon... goodness the Sylveon plush prices can be insane on some of them). Mimikyu will be my new side collection and I'll be just as strict with it as I was with Sylveon, collecting only the plush that I really like.

Before I end this post, I'd like to ask for information regarding the Banpresto Happy Beach Time Snowpix Plush Mascot, 2018 Banpresto Snowpix Plush (its a happy smiley plush with its paws raised up... idk what its actual name is), and PC Pokemon Time Mimikyu Plush. Does anyone know if these plush can stand on their own without requiring something to lean on? And if you have any of these yourself, what is your opinion on the quality (fabric, stitching, etc.)?

Thanks for reading! (if I messed up this post I'll fix it when I get back home so sorry in advance x.x)
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First Plush Sales Post!

Hi everyone! I'm moving off to college soon, which means I need to weed out my collection. I'm very much so open to offers, so don't be afraid to reach out! Thanks for looking, and happy collecting!(Sorry for the phone-quality pictures, my phone is the only thing I can take pictures with at the moment.)
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Pokemon Center wants

Hello. This is my very first time posting on the community. I'm actually a new member of PKMNCollectors and a new member on LiveJournal. As a collector and Pokemom lover I'm glad I found this community for I can find many items I would probably not find anywhere else and I am always in the discovery of items I never new existed and I needed before.I recently bought some items from a member here and I look forward to receiving my order. Now that I provided a little bit of background, into the topic: I'm looking for the next Pokemon Center items: Type Focus Lilligant plush and Pokemon Time Lucario phone strap Collapse ) I'm 99% sure these were only available for PC Japan. Anyways, I'm feeling lucky. I hope to find somebody that owns them and plans to sell them anytime. Thanks for reading.