September 5th, 2018

(Yet another) gengar merch search

Hi ghosties and goblins!
As title says, I'm currently iso for another gengar cuddle pillow, but I'm looking for any of the reversible ones!

These images are not mine, but via worthpoint from old Ebay auctions. Will remove if requested.

Its possible a 21in plushy exists, but I know for a fact that one does around 14in and I'd like either honestly.

Thanks so much!!
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Plushies Update

My fiancé and I moved in together so I had to pick up all my plushies and figures and now that we unpacked in the new house I'm wondering where to place them in order to keep them visible but safe at the same time (He has a cat and I don't want my plushies to have cat hair attached).
The only thing I can think of  is to install shelves in the bedrom and no let her in.
Anyone with cats and plushies has a recomendation?

Anyway, I was able to take pictures of my Pokémon plush collection while unpacking < 3

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Fire Pup Get + Sales & Wants

I won a little lot on ebay recently that allowed me to finally own a Banpresto Arcanine figure. Love how detailed this guy is and the nice matte finish. I also recieved the Fit Arcanine in the mail and he's pretty cute - and soft! I think I would've preferred the yellow fur to be shorter and more sculpted though.
Looking forward to seeing more pokemon in this line in any case.

Under the cut, I'm selling the other Banpresto figures from the lot I won and a few other items.

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Lastly, I am looking for the Lycanroc Pokemon Time tin, as well as most pokemon items from my wants list. Some of the lower priority items I may pass on for the time being but I am still interested in hearing about any for sale.
Not sure how I feel about the Lycanroc plush from this line yet but I'm also potentially interested in buying him...


Gengar major want

Hi comm!

Long time no post, but I have come across something I realllyyy want, but cannot get. I'm talking about the gengar DX gallery figure at the Pokemon center. Is there anybody willing to middleman for me, and send it to Europe? :)

Thanks in Advance!

August gets

Another monthly gets post! It's a big one thanks to delays in shipping lol. September should be a lot smaller though thankfully.
For some reason it's only allowing me to upload 10 photos now but this is the majority of what I got!

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Small Sales and or Rement figure trade?

Hey everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!
I have a few items I was looking send off to someone who will appreciate them more than I will. I've recently gotten super interested in the re-ment terrarium figures and would love to trade my extra stuff for one of the ones below!

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US Snow Fennekin plush MWT - $20
Pokemon little tales pikachu pair keychains MWT - $40

Ichiban Kuji Eevee Antique Flareon Glass - $18
Ichiban Kuji Eevee Antique Vaporeon Glass - $20
Or take them both for $35

Rement Charizard terrarium figure - $14

Would love to trade or partial trade any of this for any of the re-ment figures under the cut above!
Thanks all!

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Lavender Town merch to the UK?

Hello :)

I'd love the sweatshirt in a size Medium and the mug from the new Lavender Town collection but I live in the UK and so can't buy from the Pokemon Centre website directly. Is anyone doing pick ups or able to be a middle man for me? I use Paypal.
Links to items are below. Thanks