September 6th, 2018

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My Poke Plush Commission/Refund

Hi all, I have been dreadfully silent for the longest time. I ordered two fantastic value plush commissions of some Pokemon across February to this summer. It fills me with sadness to say, I don't think my order will be fulfilled.

I have noticed a lack of messages and activity from the seller on Etsy where the orders and discussion took place. For absolutely unknown reason they seem to be AWOL. I have the feeling it is a freak occurrence or accident. Seeing that around $400 USD was used to order, I am doing the best I can with acquiring a refund.

I've opened cases with Etsy and Paypal already, and this particular seller has until the end of this month to respond or not. In all honesty, I believe they have been very kind and it's a mystery why I am hearing nothing. In no way am I trying to think poorly of them, I'm only concerned.

If all goes well in the end and the refund is in full, I will order one of the two items from someone who has completed a plush order (which was non Pokemon). I already have a quote from them about the next single plush.

I was initially delighted at what low costs it would be for the now unresponsive seller, but circumstance seems to have proven that it is impossible now.

Some sales

Hello everyone!

After a year of being packed, and me not having anywhere to display them, I'm selling most of my Zukans (13 to be exact) so they don't hide in the shadows anymore as well as a couple Rotom PDs.

minisprite - pachirisuSeller's info
- Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on the 19th September 2014.
- My feedback can be found here
- I ship from Spain and I ship internationally.
- I have a dog.

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Tagging for Abomasnow stocky101 (sorry it took so long for me to find the figure 8'D )
Adorable Killua

Claims are Finally In! And Extras for Sale!

Hey everyone! My claims for ZenMarket finally came in today!!! :D I posted all totals in domestic prices, please let me know if you are international BEFORE sending payment! Otherwise, you'll end up paying more in paypal fees! Please, just let me know first!

1. All payments will be going to
2. Please include your username and what you're paying for in the note
3. Please comment below once you have made payment
4. If you would like to add any of the extras to your order, let me know prior to sending payment! Thanks! (I will not charge extra fees nor extra shipping to add on extras! You add on price of the item only if you already have a claim!)
5. Let me know if you rather I ship without the boxes/pokéballs & candy. This will reduce shipping/fee costs for you!!!

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-I ship from the US
-Payment is due once items are in hand
-Shipping within the States starts at $3
-Shipping International starts at $13.50
-Once an item is shipped, I cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods.
-First to commit gets priority

Lugia Kid Figure: $6
Chansey Kid Figure: $4.50
Pichu Bandai Movie Strap: $3.50
Pikachui Bandai Movie Strap: $3.50
Meowth Candy Figure: $5.50
Chansey Candy Figure: $4
Cleffa Candy Figure: $4
Pikachu Candy Figure: $4


Hello there community!
I'm looking for someone who lives in Ireland and mayhaps have experience ordering from this website, or at least  someone who knew someone that fits the criteria and able to hook me up with them. :P

The website is called

There is something I need but I'm unable to even register on this website, perhaps because I'm not located in Ireland.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!