October 2nd, 2018

Recent get preorder!

So, on my daily grind to find Shinx merch on google, I saw these lovely lions pop up. Looks like they went live around the first week of September! They said pre order so I wonder how long it will be before they actually ship, but I CAN’T WAIT YAY!

Question about Rare Marbles (WTB)

How often do those rare Johto marbles crop up? I desperately want the Quagsire one but I've only ever seen Johto marbles on ebay once. Is there a good place I should be looking out for them? Seems like they wouldn't be something I'd find on Y!J..

Also, is there a generally accepted "list" of marbles that were made in the Johto series? I suddenly wondered, if there's a Quagsire marble.. is there a Wooper as well?

TCG sales

Hi everyone - I have two sets of items for sale. Prices don't include shipping and I have multiple sets of each available.

100 Energy TCG - 6$
50 Trainer TCG - 5$
50 Pokemon TCG (all types of cards included - Pokemon, trainer, and energy) - 5$

All cards are legit (due to human error, it is possible one or two fakes might slip in) and range from used - brand new condition, with most of them being brand new condition. Cards span from very old packs to the latest ones. You are guaranteed at least one rare with the 50 Pokemon TCG set. There will be no doubles (replicas of the same card) in one lot unless you buy the energy lot, but if you buy more than one lot of the same type (example 100 Pokemon TCG) doubles may be included. Any questions please feel free to ask!


I also have this Sylveon GX - I am looking to trade it for a GX I don't have of equal value.

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 19 Feb 2013


Long time no see!! Squishy collection update + overall collection update

Hello all! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here, but I thought I’d post an update on my Pokémon squishy collection and overall collection.

Not the most glamorous picture, but it works, right? Still always looking for any kind of foam Pokémon stress ball figure thing!

And my Poliwhirl collection, miscellaneous Pokémon collection, and my recent obsession, a collection of a Japanese video character by the name of Noobow. Not Pokémon related, but he lives here too so I thought I’d introduce him. And my Pokémon incense(?) burners live on a different shelf than everyone else so here they are too!!

So yeah: always looking for Pokémon Squishies that I don’t have and Poliwhirl merch.

That’s it for me, bye for now!