October 5th, 2018

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Hi Again Since 2010!

So I think the last time I was avidly on here was 2010. In 2011 I became an EMT and well, life got busy. I've been an EMT ever since but never stopped collecting my pokes!

So I wanted to run here and share a cutie I got at Target AND show you guys my collection! And a POKEMON TATTOO that is currently a WIP!

As you can see, this is a very soft and very cute Eevee plush in a luxury ball!
Found it at Target and couldn't resist but can't find any pictures of it on the net yet!

This is my current collection. I moved in August and have been busy working
and cleaning the property, so it's not completely organized. I did score a few
of my grails though one of which included a fairly price Pokken Tournament Mewtwo
and my I <3 Gengar plush I won on the Toreba Crane Game!

And this is my current tattoo! On my right calf I got Mew and Mewtwo since the first
movie meant a lot to me. When I was a kid for about a month prior I knew the pokemon
movie was coming out since the news mentioned it. I saved up pennies and nickles
off the ground until I had 10.50 which was enough for the movie (which was 7.50 actually)
We went to the mall every Saturday or Sunday so I asked my mom if she could leave me
at the theatre while I watched it and she said no. So I made my first adult decision and decided
screw her, I'm seeing it. I ditched her in a pet store, went the movie, and had an awesome time.
I got in a lot of trouble but I knew I would and it was worth it. So hence, this tattoo is not only
my two favorite Pokemon but they also mean something dear to me <3 This tattoo is done
by Brandoom at Outer Limits Tattoo in Long Beach, CA. His instagram is :

And that's all the update I have for you guys now! Sorry for beeing so hit and run these past few years! Busy life.

Love ya guys!

<3 <3 <3


pokecen mofu-mofu paradise plush!

Good morning! Images for the mofu-mofu campaign have been released, and they look adorable :o I was hoping they'd make Whimsicott, and the fluffy material looks so cute!! There's also a really sweet mareep plush for all you mareep collectors, and even a tissue box. What are your thoughts on this promo?

Thanks for reading!
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Sale Post + One FREE shipping order to Canada!

Hello everyone! :)

I am sharing my sale post again! Not too much of an update this time except that once per week for the month of October I am offering FREE shipping on any first order of $15 or more and under 5kg to Canada :D

If you live in Canada and have been wanting to buy something from my sale post, but the shipping fees scared you away (I don't blame you.. they really are scary....) don't fear! If you are the first to commit today you will get FREE shipping :D

Sale Banner.JPG

Thanks for looking!

(PS the fluffy promo looks SO CUTE!!!! I need that fluffy Arcanine plush in my life!!!!)

"vintage" get - pocket pikachu!

Hi everyone, I hope you're having a nice Friday! I just wanted to share some pics of a recent get... Pocket Pikachu! This adorable little virtual pet Pikachu doubles as a pedometer and is one of my favorite "vintage" Pokemon items. I had one as a kid, but it's long been lost to the abyss... So I found a great deal on eBay and got the Japanese version (the US/international release was simply called "Pokemon Pikachu") in great, working condition. A couple years ago I was gifted a tiny guidebook for it, as well, so I'll share a few photos from that, as well~

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Do you guys own one of these? I think it would be really cool if Game Freak released some throw back virtual pet Pokemon products! The virtual pet aspect of Pokemon is obviously still going strong, though, with Pokemon Amie/Refresh, as well as the Pokeball Plus accessory being released next month that will allow you to take a Pokemon from Let's Go out with you!

Have a nice weekend~
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Mofu Mofu paradise and Pokemaniac pre-order!

I was granted sales permission by areica96 on January 1st, 2018.

Here’s a link to my feedback : HERE


These are commitment items and can't be backed out of

pay when in hand!

ETA: 1 month after release (this releases in 2 waves) so approx. coming November
shipping starts at 3$ in the US of combine orders with new sales HERE
no refunds due to buyers remorse or lost package
Super flexible with paydays guys, I know how it is to be on a schedule
No backing out due to delays, things happen... some things happen to be customs...
*no rude comments about pricing this includes shipping from japan, I really don't want to hear it *

also have some items are without pictures yet. If you wanna see photos and are interested let me know, this won't bind you into having to pay for them until after you confirm you want it :)

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