October 7th, 2018

2018 Mightyena and Absol weeding ft. misc plush and rare RAICHU SLIPPERS

Hi there! Because of circumstance, I'm parting with some items from my personal collection. I took a while weeding things out and realized I haven't added to my Poochyena/Mightyena or Absol collections in years outside of plush. I'm not as interested in figures and decided they'd be better off with another collector! With that being said, I've had these for quite a while. I'm not having an easy time finding a solid price range for some of them, so most will include OBO (offers must be fair)
There's also a bunch of other fun stuff under the cut!

Thanks :0)

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Gets, sales, and new displays

Hello everyone! I'm back again, with another collection update.

There's nothing really big in this one, however I've found new ways to display my collection, so maybe it may inspire some of you guys wondering what some shelves look like?

Here's a small Preview:


Here's my SALES and my UPDATED OTHER SALES which can be combined!

Now, onto the update under the cut!

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Some sculpture sales

Hi everyone, it's been a few months since I made a post, but I'm still here everyday enjoying all the things you share ^^

Today I'm bringing a few sculptures I'd like to sell, as usual pkmncollectors members get first dibs before they go up anywhere else :)
Rules, info and bigger pictures under the cuts!

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As ever if you have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer you ^^
plush pumpkin

Sales Post Update and Looking to Trade!

Good evening all!

So I've decided to cull a lot of my collection. It's been so much fun! But I really think it's time for me to put collecting on the back burner (though of course I'll still collect), but I'd like to try and become better at saving for really important things. So buying a lot of little side collections and stuff doesn't help xD

Anyways, I'll leave a link to my sales here: https://pumpkaboo-patch.livejournal.com/3985.html

I'm also looking to sell some needle felt pokemon I've made. They were meant for practice as I hope to make art dolls with this method, and they turned out so well! Beldum is $20 and Treecko is $25 OBO. Treecko is also fairly posable since I put up some wire armature inside of him :) Though the rig isn't perfect!

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I'm also looking to trade with someone. I can only do one trade at the moment, but I am looking to trade. I'm looking for Fit Plush despite it being crossed out, but only if I can trade for multiples at once! (Hence the reason it's crossed out) xD

My wants list can be found here: https://pumpkaboo-patch.livejournal.com/4328.html

Also, as a side note, I noticed that our feedback system is down? I can't seem to access it so I haven't been able to leave feedback for members I've purchased from. Is that the case for everyone else?

Thank you all! I really hope everyone's having a good day!