October 13th, 2018

Wants: Mofu Mofu Notebook and It’s Demo

I know there’s a couple of people who posted they are doing japan Mofu Mofu pickups,but I haven’t seen anyone post this notebook yet; since I don’t believe anyone had pictures or a price for it yet. Well here’s the picture! Would anyone be able to pick this up for me, I’ll commit to the first commenter, or If you want to link me in the right direction that also works. Thank you!

Also- I’ve been debating on if I REALLY wanted the It’s demo tin and mirror, and it turns out I do u_u if these are still in stores somewhere I’d also like to commit to these as well! I’ll retreat to Pokevault and Mercari as a last option and buy them if no one sees them on the shelves.

Reintroduction + Collection showcase

It has been a while since myself I have last posted, despite me occasionally commenting on posts. I just want to introduce myself as a UK collector who mainly specialises in pokedolls. I've changed my goals in education to IT instead of criminology, but I'm not sure how that is going to last since I'm struggling to do assignments I have no clue what to do. But enough about my issues... let's get to my main collection. Me Pokedolls!
I've had technically been collecting since I was little one but it's not as mad as of now. I got back into collecting within 2016 and has only gotten wilder. I've expanded my collection and even achieving many wants, thanks to a lot of help from the community as well :) but it has been months since I have last showed it all. So.... here it is.

At the moment, I'm not truely intrested in expanding my collection unless a major want comes up for sale and a good price. But I'm going abroad and unluckly my school assingments are due not long after I get back, (one of them is due while I am away so I'm trying to get it done quickly >_<), so I'm holding back for a little bit to focus on studies.
But I am glad that I have gone and collected my pokedolls, due to how much happiness they have brought me during my problematic times. I even remember how I managed how I got pratically everyone of them (I think).
Any questions, please ask away, I have closer up pictures of my collection right under the spoiler.
Thank you very much.
Closer up pictures under the spoiler:
[Closer look for the hard to spot ones]

Claims Announcement! + Added New claims!

Kuttaris, Halloween, Teacup Figs, Fingerpuppet and Sleeping eeveelution incase figs have arrived!

Please expect a huge payment post soon! I should have shipped out everyone's orders who didn't have anything else with me.

I have added these items as new claim items!

Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013
feedback page:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/polahbear/
I ship from US, prices do not include shipping/fees

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Also Reminder for Kaiju and Mofu Plush! Please click the picture to be transported to claims!

Fall Cleaning Sale - Lots of Pokemon Plush

Hi everyone im back with another cleaning sale - i NEED to get rid of these plush so i lowered them even more especially the bigger ones because they are taking up soo much of my room. If you have more questions or need more pictures just ask ill gladly send more pics if needed :)
Shipping is $4 anywhere in the USA for small/medium plush bigger plush will cost more depending on size.
I have most of these crossposted on eBay but for higher prices

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Quick lot sales, Shitajiki, Stampers, Flats, and More!

I was cleaning up my room and found a box of old Pokemon goodies that I never got around to selling off. So time for some fall cleaning!

Sorry for the bad quality photos! The sun is setting!

Trozeiani215I was granted sales permission on March 17, 2011 by dakajojo. You can see my feedback here.
Trozeiani215I ship from the state of California, in the USA.
Trozeiani215I ship same day to one week depending on my work schedule and packing materials on hand.
Trozeiani215Packages are sent First-Class unless otherwise stated! I am not responsible for any lost/damaged packages after the item leaves my hands.
Trozeiani215First person to commit to an item gets priority over a quote, sorry!  You have 24 hours to send payment after committing. Backing out results in the item(s) being re-listed as well as negative feedback.
Trozeiani215 I accept payments via Paypal and Venmo. Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees if using Paypal.
Trozeiani215My home is smoke-free but I do have a pet dog. She doesn't go near the merchandise but she has long fur because of her breed [Shiba Inu].  I will do my best to clean off the items of stray hairs before sending.

The lot is pretty mixed in items! There are some vintage Shitajiki [Japanese pencil boards], drawstring bags, various toys and keychains, a couple bath cards, and over 100 different flats including Verus Cards, Retsuden Seals, Menko Retsuden Kai cards, Sapporo Noodle stickers and pogs. The second gen Sapporo Noodle stickers are particularly rare and hard to find, and showcase some never before seen artwork of different pokemon [I bought the whole set in the past just for a sneasel! haha].

And the little Red semi-transparent Pokeballs are Stampers from Pokemon M08.


Since these stampers are pretty old, the ink has long since dryed up. But you can still use them with a wet inkpad!

I would like to keep everything together. The whole lot is yours for $135 shipped in a small box anywhere in the US.  Feel free to try haggling.
If you'd like more *detailed photos* of the items available you can visit my old sales pages!

All Non-Flat Items can be seen here

All Flat Items can be seen here
Mewtwo Pokemon Origins

Looking for 2018 N Pins!

Hello everyone! I don't post very often, and I apollegize for that. Anyway, I'm looking for the new Pokemon BW 2018 N Pins. They look like this:

If anyone has these and are willing to sell them, or if anyone can find them online anywhere, please let me know in the comments. Any Help is appeciated. Thank you!