October 16th, 2018

Update to my collection

Hello everyone it’s been a while since I last post. Lately I have been crocheting hats. Here is my lastest to my collection all of these I made myself. The figures however I brought from wish.com but I painted them over because they looked bootleg. Litten however is already sold at a Tagsale event in my area.

Long time, no post! Have some reviews :D

Hey! It's been a while since I last bought something, so I haven't had anything to post about... until now! Last month I ordered a few things off Japan Stuffs and finally got my package just last week (I picked the cheapest, slowest shipping method... so the wait was extremely difficult LOL). Here's a group pic of what I ordered, and in the cut will be more pics + reviews~

Originally I was going to order the Pokemon Time Mimikyu plush along with this batch, but since I was short on money and really wanted to see reviews of it first (which seem to be nonexistent?) I decided to hold off on it for now. I have not tried the candies yet, but I am saving them for a special anime binge night. Hopefully soon! And I'm very happy with getting Miki's Alolan Vulpix sticker. I was actually hoping for Alolan Vulpix, since I got the Mimikyu sticker last time I ordered from Japan Stuffs. Now I have one sticker for each of my favorite Alolan 'mons ^^

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Hope these reviews were helpful to anyone thinking about getting these items! I am very satisfied with what I got and can't wait for the next items to come in ^^

Looking For: TOMY 2002 Deluxe Action Electronic Latios


It's me again, still the same guy who's a bit obsessed with large legendary figures, and back with another wishlist.

My hunting have been going on for a while with a good progress and I'm on my way to completion of the main legendary large figures! But now there is one figure that's been brought to my attention and I know I must have it.

It's "Deluxe Action Latios", or commonly known as "2002 Electronic TOMY Latios".

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