October 20th, 2018

Mew Escaping

Small gets and riser display question!

Hi, all! I got some cute little gets, and a question about displays!

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Now for my display question: can I find large display risers that are also clear and nice-looking?

Context: I got these gorgeous Ikea display shelves that I absolutely adore. They store the majority of my and my partner's collections, and they look classy and keep things mostly dust-free! (They're called Klingsbo, I'd highly recommend them but it looks like the site is no longer stocking them!)

As you can see on the top left, I now have a TON of tiny Pokemon food figures! They're mostly Re-Ment sets, as well as a few others. I bought even more of these tiny figures, but I don't think they'll all fit! Plus, because the glass shelves are spaced so far apart and the figures are all so tiny, I want to believe I can make better use of that vertical space by adding some risers or something.

I got these clear acrylic risers off Amazon, and I love them! I used them for displaying my zukan collection (top right in my photo), and they're beyond perfect. But I feel like they'd be way too narrow and small to try and fit my tiny collectibles.

So does anyone know where I can find risers that are clear like those ones, but significantly wider? Ideally, I'd like them to be about 13"x13" and 3-5" inches tall. I guess in essence this would be making a mini shelf, haha. Is there a place that sells them this size, or makes custom display risers? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


Pin Sales - A Possible Pin Trade - Pin Board Update!

Hello again!  I don't sell stuff very often, but I purchased a lot of pins recently and decided to sell some doubles of Pokemon pins. 

I was granted sales permission by areica96 on December 15, 2015.
Link to my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/jasonivich/


1. All pkmncollectors rules apply.
2. I will not do business with non-members, banned members or anyone with negative feedback.
3. Paypal only.
4. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and fees.
5. I am no longer responsible for items after they leave my hands. If you're interested in insurance, then let me know before you send payment.
6. Quotes are not commitments.  Commitments take priority over quotes.
7. Payment is due 48 hours after commitment unless other plans have been made.
8. Haggling is allowed. However, I reserve the right to say no or counteroffer.
9. Put the word PINLOVEin your post somewhere if you read my rules. If you don't, I will redirect you to my rules.
10. I am located in Nebraska.  I only ship to the U.S. currently.  No international shipping.
11. All items come from a non-smoking, 1 cat/1 dog friendly home.  The cat goes where he wants, but I'll do my best to not include any cat poofs.

12. I can be a slow shipper.  If that's a problem, please don't purchase my items.  I send out on Fridays.


Skitty Pocket Monsters Monster Ball pin (Clip Case included) SOLD
Australian Pokemon 2000 Zapdos pin $7
2017 Anaheim World Championship pin $4

TCG Pins:
Suicune $4
Charizard $4
Entei x8x7 $3 each
Raikou x3 $3 each
Keldeo x3 $3 each
Tapu Koko x2 $3 each
Decidueye x2 $3 each
Camerupt x2 $3 each
Tyranitar $3
Victini $3
Mega Blaziken $3
Mewtwo SOLD
Incineroar $3
Pikachu $3
Mythical Genesect $3
Meloetta $3
Beedrill $3
Zoaroark $3


I have two extra Gashapon pins, a Stunfisk pin and a Nincada Ninjask pin. 

I would trade either of these for the two pins I need (Golisopod and Froslass) to complete my set.

If anyone has these two pins and would like to do a trade for one or both, please PM me. If I can't trade for the pins I need, I'll probably sell them for $8 each.

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Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your collections!