October 21st, 2018

  • raipop

Anyone doing pickups for the 2018 PC Yokohama Renewal Opening Campaign?

Hello. You may already know about this event. I was checking the information about this event posted on NintendoSoup a few days ago and I found out that there will be merchandise for this campaign that will be sold throught all the Pokemon Center and Pokemon Stores in Japan from November 9 to December 2, and there wil also be merchandise that will be exclusive to PC Yokohama,(still no pictures of any item) and this is the merchandise that I really worry could be sold out before I get a chance to buy them for a fair price or buy them at all.

I have already messaged some highly trusted stores that re-sell Pokemon merchandise (ones that I have already bought from and are reliable and trusted by many) inquiring if they will sell this merchandise and I am still waiting for a response from most of them.

I am almost sure none of these sellers live near the city of Yokohama. Fingers crossed they will sell the merchandise. The more options there is the better.

I think exclusive PC merchandise is not only the more limited but also always the best of any campaign.

Thank you for reading and for any information or help you provide.
  • hebilea

Sales and added over 100 freebies!

Hello guys again!

This is kind of a last reminder for my sales for now and I have now marked A LOT of items as freebies!!!

All freebies are marked in RED, freebies are with purchase to 10$ or more!
(If you get something for 20$, then two freebies, limited to 3 pieces per person! Depending on what you buy, I might considerate more freebies of course!)




I also have a NON-POKEMON sales post, I have items from BNHA, Super Mario, Kirby, Zelda, One Piece, Gintama, Mamegoma and tons of other things!


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Thank you so much guys!

Quick wants post

Does anyone have the IT'S DEMO Umbreon plush from this set for sale?

Or alternatively, would anyone want to split with me and get the Espeon if I found them in an auction?

Also looking for a hopefully cheap Pokemon Time Umbreon plush!

EDIT: I also kinda... really want to buy this Lapras. The 34 inches Jumbo one from the Pokemon Center.

Before I try to order it though, I'd love to know if someone who already has it could measure its exact size and weight, and let me know, so I can try and calculate how much shipping from a US middleman to me in Italy would be... >.>
Or if someone has it for sale, that might work as well, used condition is completely fine with me.

Thank you in advance and happy collecting!!

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Hi all, thought I’d share a funny story about a plush lot I bought on eBay a while back. I got it because it had an Ash plush in it I’d never seen before, but it also came with a Gabumon (Digimon), a Sypro and a Play by Play Bulbasaur plush. Although I bought it for Ash I was really looking forward to having the Bulbasaur plush that I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. However, after getting him out of the box his face wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, and I nicknamed him ‘Old man Bulbasaur’!

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Direct buy or USA middle-man to the UK? (again...!)

Hey, so a little while a go dtrain4eva was amazingly helpful in doing a pick up for me from the US Pokecentre! (Thanks again!) One of the things was this mug, which I love. So now I'd actually like to get another one in case I end up chipping it / breaking it with use. Does anyone have one for sale on here? Or if not then can someone in the US middle man for me to the UK again? 

  • ssjvap

Coo’Nuts Claims

I am doing claims for the Coo’Nuts set that comes out in February. There are 16 different characters, but only 14 come in a box -and there may be doubles. I’m at least buying 2 boxes, so I’ll take 2 claims per character - but may get more boxes if there is more interest.
click here for Claim info