October 25th, 2018

quilava tongue

quick ISO and help with info!

first up, yes flygon zukan BUT not the whole thing I only need the flygon piece... what a pain ;-;

mysterious giratina that someone has on devianart, tried asking them a few times but never get a response anyone know what this is or if you have it i'd love to buy it!

anyone know what this is? Or have it for sale?
*also looking for lugia soap bottle top the one with pikachu on his back I have no pictures if someone has a picture it would be super helpful!*

giratina TFG... still looking :(

grail cyndaquil plush! Not the normal hasbro u see around it's hard to tell the difference but it's for sure different!

Pokemon Zukan Collection Update

Hiya everyone!

Some time has passed again since my previous zukan update, and I've gathered lots of goodies again! Among which a generously gifted grail item! And 4 custom zukans from Poke/DS/DB/???/Studio that despite being new, got my 10/10 rating the moment I first laid eyes upon them! Lapras, Articuno, Onix, and Steelix!

I also got another step closer to owning all bird pokemon in zukan form! I love birds~

This post will be intensely image heavy, as just like previous times I used a white space to photograph each figure individually, and them some; so, I recommend opening it in a new tab!

Here's a little preview to warm you up:

New Zukan gets

Ready for the real thing?
Here you go!

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WCT Rowlet review + Azumarill get

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well! My local Meijer has recently gotten a ton of the new Wicked Cool Toys stuff in, and I ended up not being able to resist the Rowlet plush :') The little owl is one of my very favorites from Gen VII and I'm surprised it's taken me this long to get a plushie of them! Anyway! Click the cut for pics and my review of the little guy~ (plus a super cute Azumarill get)

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Have a great end of October!

New Sticker Sales and Halloween Discount Sales!

Hello Pokemon Fans!

I have moved into a new home successfully earlier this month and I have decided to sell my sticker collection! Hope you guys enjoy!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

Here is the PREVIEW of my Sticker sales! You can click here or (https://haepbrosonearth.livejournal.com/4044.html) or any of the preview pictures to be transported!


ALSO~ everything from my old sales posts (Except my Kids Sale) is discounted until the Halloween! (UNTIL 10/31 6:00PM PST)

$1 ~ $3.99     ---->      $1

$4 ~ $5.99     ---->      $2

$6 ~ $8.99      ---->       $3

$9 ~ $11.99     ---->     $4

$12 ~ $14.99     ---->     $5

$15 ~ $19.99      ---->     $6

$20 ~ $24.99      ---->      $8

$25 and up      ---->    $10

You can be transported to my old sales posts by clicking on the respective picture or Link!

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Thank you for reading!

Larvitar needs a new home! (And others too!)

I'm slowly in the process of parting with the majority of my Pokédoll collection, and the next to go is Larvitar - he is an original 2001 Plushplush with tush tag. He has one defect to one of his eyes, but other than that is in excellent well cared for condition - I'm accepting offers over $400 - let me know if you're interested :)

Also! Feel free to comment below or messagee if you're looking for any specific Pokédolls - it might be one I'm parting with!

Cutesy Kura Icon

Sleeping Kuttari Sales

Since i'm in need of some spare money I am putting up a few of the sleeping Kuttari plush that I own but am less attached to up for sale. All are Japanese releases with all tags attached. Used for display only. From a smoke free but pet dog/bird friendly home.

I ship from the USA.
US Shipping starts at $3.50
Candian Shipping starts at $10 but is dependent on your zipcode,may be more.
Other International Shipping Starts at $14

Chespin & Croagunk- $15 each
Mudkip- $16

Jirachi is now SOLD!

Items can be combined with any items from any of my other sales posts:

My other sales info can be found here:

Just comment here or on my other sales post if intersted in buying any of these!