October 26th, 2018

Totals before shipping + added Claims/Reminders

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These are for the claims that were filled! if your item that you were looking for is not on here, it's probably because it's either on the way or could not be filled. People who have already paid for their items, I have marked you down, if I messed up or is missing something, please let me know >___< I sorta quickly did this total for the people who are anxious about their items.

Please comment if you want items shipped now and I will give you a shipping total. If you have told me before, I'm terribly sorry. It's a lot easier for me this way for people to confirm after seeing what's left to pay, if you need to know what items you have paid for that isn't on this list, please let me know and I will get back to you soon! for the people who have their shipping quote, please send it to jnnyan@yahoo.com with what your lj name and what you bought in the notes!

Oct 27th releases
https://polahbear.livejournal.com/3989.html <--- for finger puppets
https://polahbear.livejournal.com/3755.html <--- ditto promo (Acrylic charms only have 2 claimed, unless I can get the set claimed, I won't be able to do them x_x;;)

yokohama + amigurumi claims
Here are new claims! please click the image to be transported :)

Last Min Sales from Osaka- I love Mew, clear files

Hi. I have a few last minute things I want to sell before I move.


click this link!

Sales permission granted by
-I ship from JAPAN

-Please pay for items quickly after I ask for payment!

Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net…dback/view/gaarasyami/

-Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
-Please pay in 24 hours after final quote
-Please let me know if you want tracking added for $4.00. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
-I can't be held responsible for lost items if you did not pay for tracking or insurance.
-I will ship within 3-7 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
-Prices stated do not include shipping or fees. Please ask for a shipping quote.
-Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!

October Gets

Hey all! I think I got my last package for a while, so I figured I would do an update! Anyway, here we go!

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Thanks for reading through! I now have all my Popplio wants here or on the way, caught up on my Jangmo-o collection (except the pan stickers but those are easy enough), and now I am collecting Sableye plush! So that's my little update lol. Feel free to check out my collection site!



A Little Bit of Everything: Claims, Trades, Sales, & Auctions!

Hi all!

It's been a busy semester so far, and it's time for a little break. There's a little bit of everything going on in this post. Some of my previous claims have arrived, and the extras are up for sale. Some new items have been added and are up for claims. I have some items for trade and new items for sale. Plus, I also have some small auctions.

Here's a little preview of what's available :)

This auction will end Friday, November 2, 2018, at 10:00 PM EST/Detroit Time.
Countdown Timer: >Here<

The Auction is over, but all items without bids will be for sale at starting bid!

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Thank you for taking a look!
Until next time~
(^‿^v)  kuro

Ampharos, Denryu

Christmas Want

Hello, everyone, long time no post! My collecting has been put a little on the back burner lately, but I am still lurking and buying here and there. ^^

I'm here for a particular want today and it's not ampharos for once! I am looking for this slowbro Christmas tree:

(Pic not mine- please let me know if it's yours and you'd like me to remove it).

I meant to keep a lookout over the summer and grab one, but I totally dropped the ball and here we are at the end of October! Hoping I can still manage to find one!

Ideally, I'd like him to be in good condition with all the charms, but will look at everything. ^^ Also, I am located in the US. If you are international, I would greatly appreciate a shipping estimation/quote!