October 27th, 2018

Pichu and Togepi pin grail want

Well, I guess it's time to hunt this thing down... Been collecting the PokeCen pins (english-only, Japanese would be way too much) and keeping them sealed, for now. I started buying them based on which popular ones I thought would sell out first, only to find out later that they would end up restocking more later on, and even selling some at Gamestop! There's only one I missed out on that never showed up again (despite trying to bug reps sometimes about it :x) The Pichu and Togepi set...

Looking to buy this sealed though, so it's a pin grail due to the chances of how many not only own it, but have it sealed to sell.. None on eBay or anything v_v Hopefully someone has it to sell!


ISO: Delibird!

Hi comm,

I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve decided to have a mini side collection of Delibird seen as it’s the run up to Christmas! So, post anything you have below! I’m in the UK, so I will consider things from USA and places with high postage, but only if the item is worth it ^_^

RAICHU Collection clear out!

Long time no post - truthfully, I think I've come to the end of my collecting days. I still love raichu, and will be keeping my figures/flats til further notice. But since I moved into my own place these babies have been sitting in storage.

please tell me if this image is too big - cant tell on mobile

- Sales permission granted by Denkimouse
- All auctions end at 5pm GMT next Saturday (November 3)
- For direct sales offers: if you don't respond within 2days to my quotes, I'll assume you're not interested and move on to the next person.
- Sales are made on a first come first serve basis.
- NO HOLDS (sorry I want this stuff gone)
- Prices do not include P&P (shipping will be from Ireland internationally)
- I ship via AnPost. If you want to check postage costs, you can do so HERE
-Prices in USD

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Pok�mon hats

Hello everyone, lately I have been making Pokémon crochet hats. One is Umbreon and the others are Pokeball. I made one Pokeball for myself to add to my collection, one recently for my teacher and the teen Pokeball hat for sale. I’m also making a piplup Crochet hat for an order which it’s not finished yet. Next in my collection is Mimikyu and Skitty Pinata, the Mimikyu was sold as well at the tag sale and Skitty I gave away to my friend.

Looking for: Sceptile GX from Lost Thunder

Hello fellow collectors ^^

The newest TCG set Lost Thunder has Sceptile GX among its previous evolutions. That means my Sceptile card collection is no longer complete :( Prereleases are currently taking place. There were some here in Finland as well but I was unable to attend them...

Does anyone have Sceptile GX? I will need all alternative arts. The ones on eBay etc. are all overpriced because the set is new. I also need Treecko and Grovyle from the set (both regular and reverse holo). Unfortunately, Sceptile GX is not a good card so I don't have to unretire from TCG :D

Thank you in advance and have a good weekend ^_^

Haven't posted in awhile!

Haven't really had anything significant to post/add to my collection but now that i've finally gotten some higher income and boosted my collection a bit I wanted to come back and share it with you all. The one with the nest is a custom figure I got off of an eBay auction I believe there was only one made. I'm also waiting on a pokemon time rowlet gachapon to show up in the mail :3