October 29th, 2018

Inquiry/Wanted: Mega Stone Ring

So, to be honest, I don't actually know if that's the official name of the item but, I'm looking for the Mega Stone Ring that was released to Pokemon Centers in 2014...or at least looking for information on it. I'm not sure just how rare it is or how hard to find, but the lack of information I can find on it leads me to believe it's gonna be a toughie.

A couple of questions about Zenmarket + looking for Pokewalkers!


I've got a couple questions about Zenmarket, since I assume people here have used it before.
1. Is there a better service for smallish items? Almost everything I'm looking at is probably under 1000 yen, so the 300 yen per item fee and domestic shipping adds up to basically the cost of the item again.
2. Do you have to send in ID/location stuff or can I just sign up and go nuts?
3. Total cost is calculated via (price of item + domestic shipping + 300 yen) and then all the items are added together + international shipping yes?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Also remembered I'm looking to buy some Pokewalkers. They don't need to have batteries. I'm not particularly looking to buy any of the games unless it's not a US English, Japanese or Korean Soulsilver. Ones I'd be looking for are Canadian/European French, European/Australian English, German, Italian, European Spanish or the theoretical Latin American Spanish. 


WTB ugly meowth plushes

That's right! I'm in the market for some ugly Meowth plushes.

The old Meowth plushes were so, SO ugly and I absolutely must get my hands on some. They're just so weirdly charming!

I have the old Hasbro plush, the cuddle pillow, the Pokemon Friends plush, and the bell plush, but I'd love to have more. If anyone has some old Meowth plushes they might want to sell, I'd love to take a look! (If you're not sure it's ugly enough, just show me anyway lol)

WTB Build a Bear Piplup (no voice box)

This may be a strange request, but I would really love to have the new Build a Bear Piplup - only I need it WITHOUT the voice box in it T_T
I live far from any store locations sadly. Would anyone be able to either pick one up for me stuffed or unstuffed to save on shipping? Thanks either way!

Also currently looking for the Banpresto DX Goodra plush, Unova starters and Axew plushies >w