October 30th, 2018


Collection Post! (and a question)

Hello everyone! I mostly lurk and recently I've been on the comm less, partially due to the fact that I've been slowly nearing my original collection goal - to get every official shiny plush and figure released. I only need 34 more items!(which sounds like a lot now that I've typed it out...) Anyway! I was keeping my collection at my parents house, but they're moving and I felt it was high time to make a collection post, since I have to pack up everything for a bit. Please excuse the quality of the pictures; a basement bedroom and phone camera are not the best combination.

Shiny Hasbro Figures.jpeg

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And now the question! Where do you go for Pokemon Merchandise News? Are there certain twitter or Instagram accounts you follow? I'm especially interested in sites/accounts that track the less hyped merchandise like food items from japan and the random stuff that gets released in the U.S. I would also like to keep track of any merch exclusive to Korea, the upcoming Singapore Center, or Japanese lotteries. Is Daisuki Club exclusive merch still a thing?

Thanks everyone! Let me know if there is anything I need to edit in this post! I hope you all have a fun Halloween!

EDIT: tried to fix the locked photo

New sales!


I've added a lot of sales and lowered some of the prices, also, haggling is allowedI I just need to sell everything asap, so I will consider each offer :)

-Please note I can't make more pictures of the stuff-

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Now on to sales:

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Thanks for looking, have a lovely day!

Looking for lion pan stickers / seals

Hey there! I stopped collecting these around Diamond and Pearl- but did anyone have more Shinx, Luxio, Luxray stickers for sale that are NOT shown blow? I’d love to have one of each. And I know that Pokémon XY and the 20th anniversary movie had some Luxray stickers I don’t have. Let me know! Shipping to 30269.


Is this Flareon a bootleg?

I hope this is okay to post here!

I recently picked up this guy from a physical store. It's a cute little collector store with many legitimate Japanese imports, so I thought that this Flareon would also be legit. However, since a lot of the other Pokemon plush they are selling seem to be a little questionable (no hang tags; there was a cute Alolan Vulpix with a coat that I cannot find in any online source as well), I've started to wonder if maybe this guy is also a bootleg. D: Especially since I wandered into the store again yesterday and there was another of the same Flareon plushies hanging in the pile without head fluff.

Don't get me wrong; he's very cute. I bought him specifically because of the floppy ears. I just want to know for sure whether or not he is a bootleg in case I decide to sell my collection in the future.

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