October 31st, 2018

LF Team Treat Halloween Plushes Ampharos and Dedenne

Hello all! It's been a while since I've posted here...anyways, each year, some of my favorite merch comes from the Halloween promos. This year I was smitten with the Ampharos and Dedenne plush and I was wondering if anyone had any they'd be willing to sell.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful halloween! Happy collecting! (Of candy and Pokemon!)
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Midweek reminder!

Just a reminder that offers for my raichu plush end on Saturday.
I also reduced the start prices on the larger items, and am open to haggling!
These items will go to charity if I cant sell them!

Click to go ^^
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Quick want!

Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween!

Does anyone here happen to have the 1:1 (trainer size) Inkay plush?
I never got the chance to get it, and regretted it ever since. Inkay/Malamar are one of my favorite Pokémon!

I know there’s one on eBay, but I’ve come to learn that eBay is quite overpriced.

Also I wouldn’t mind a Malamar keychain plush also if one’s out there somewhere!


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Auction/Claims Reminder + Halloween Discount!

Hi all!

Just a little reminder about my ongoing auction. There's still a lot of items without bids, and the auction ends in about two days. I also have some items for sale on that page.
To be transported to the auction, please click the preview image or the link below:


I still have these up for claim as well!

To be transported to my claims post, click the image above or the following link:

And, since it's Halloween, I'm doing a Halloween discount! If you place an order from now until 12:00 PM EST/Detroit time on November 2 you can be eligible to receive one of the following discounts:
All orders of $13 or more are eligible to receive free shipping!
All orders of $31 or more will receive free shipping and have Paypal fees waived!

I have lots for sale, so feel free to check it out! To be transported to my Main Sales Page, please click on the doodle below or the following link:


Thank you for taking a look!
Until next time~
Happy Halloween!
(';.;') kuro

Looking for Pika cards!

Hello hello!

I am looking for these Pikachu cards, for a reasonable price:

Pokemon Card Japanese - Pikachu "The Scream" 288/SM-P PROMO - Full Art

POKEMON CARD Yokohama Pikachu pokemon center original Promo 2 SET sun moon

if you happen to have these for sale, please let me know!
Here i have lots more wants, maybe you can sell these to me as well :) ?

Thanks for the help!!