November 2nd, 2018

Semi(?) Return/Long Time No Post

Hey everyone. I know I haven't posted here in about 10 months and for that I apologize. I'm sorry for having to disappear so abruptly but there was just too much going on. I made a lot of mistakes then and I don't intend to make them again as long as I can help it. While not perfect things are at least a lot better now. I may not be as active on here as I was before but I am still here to check posts/messages etc. I hope you all have a wonderful November!

P.S. I am still somewhat casually hunting for this PMD Grovyle poster. I believe it came with the Limited Edition Dialga/Palkia DS Lite so it's tricky to find. I did have a member here offer to sell me one before I left here but I doubt I'll be able to reach them again. Any help on tracking this down is appreciated.
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Looking for Gardevoir-Lilligant deck sleeves and Raichu -reminder- acrylic charm

Hello. I am looking for the Pokemon Center Gardevoir-Lilligant deck sleeves. I do not need a whole set (32 sleeves), I would love to have 6 sleeves or 2 sleeves for the least in case there is not enough supplies, unless somebody can offer me the whole set for the original price, not required and not very likely because they are worth a lot, I know.

I am also looking for the Pokemon Center 2016 Pika Festival Raichu acrylic charm. I already posted about it very recently.

Although I said I was looking for US sellers -I live in the US- in my Raichu charm post before, honestly I cannot afford to not accept offers from any part of the world.

Heads up! If you offer me any of these items there is a very high chance I will shamelessly ask you for a hold because of me not having enough funds at the very moment.

I greatly appreciate any offers or any helpful information. I also greatly appreciate sellers that have guts to deal with me to be honest!

Thank you for reading ^_^

Reminder: Still looking for Sceptile GX!

Hello all ^^

I'm still on a hunt for Sceptile GX and its previous evolutions from Lost Thunder. The set came out today and I will not buy booster packs just to get a few specific cards. Does anyone have spare Sceptile GX? I will need all alternative arts. I know I can find them on eBay, Troll and Toad etc. The thing is, I want to try buying them here because I want to support the community :) I also need Treecko and Grovyle from the set (both regular and reverse holo). Unfortunately, Sceptile GX is not a good card so I don't have to unretire from TCG :D

Thank you in advance and have a good weekend ^_^