November 4th, 2018


Question about Tropical Sweets Bottle size? 300 ML??

Hi everybody, my gosh it’s been a while!
I’m looking into investing in a stainless steel water bottle and of course searching for Pokémon themed ones haha. I found an adorable one from the new Tropical Sweets line, but I am very confused. The picture of the packaging says the bottle fills 300 ML, and if I’m not confused, that’s TINY! Now I’m not one to need anything large at all, as I usually just stick with a standard small size bottle to fit in my bag, but those are around 500 Ml, and I can’t imagine something in stainless steel being almost half that size (especially with its shape).

Can anybody confirm for me if the bottle actually is really tiny compared to every other Pokémon bottle I’ve seen, being smaller than child’s size, or if it’s a mislabel of some sort? Thank you!

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ebay sales and a want

Hello guys, I am just here with the usual...


lol Here is a link to the ebay account-

There are Pokemon Center plush, Build-A-Bear plush, and some non-Pokemon lots such as Digimon, HTTYD, BNHA, and Digimon so go check it out :)

I am also here because over the years I have bought and sold a lot, trying to figure out what my personal price range is and what I truly want to invest in, and I have made a lot of impulse buys and regrettable sales. One regret has stood out among the rest, and so here I am in search of a Sceptile Pokedoll. I know, I suck. I got my hands on one and then a couple years later I sold it because I weed out my collection a lot whenever a hardship presents itself, thinking I know that I have finally figured out what I really do not need to keep when in reality I never have a clue as to what I am doing.

I am looking to spend no more than $130, and even then that is pushing it. I will gladly accept one that has no tags for less too! I can also trade for it if that happens to be preferable, in case anyone is in search of the Vulpix Build-A-Bear that I have been holding onto because I am a sentimental fool and cannot bring myself to sell it just yet.

Also, I should note that I do not use proxy services, so I do not have the option of obtaining one through a Japanese auction or second hand, but if anyone finds one and is willing to middle man for me, I would be eternally grateful!

Ultra Super Weeding Sales!

Hello Pkmncollectors! I have decided to compile my multiple sales posts into one comprehensive one so it will be easier to keep track of inventory as well as for you guys to navigate through my sales!

I have added a lot of new items to my sales as well as lowered prices on every item :) Please go check it out! Also there are a lot of freebies available with purchase :)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by
allinia. and my feedback is

To be transported to my Ultra Super Weeding Sales Post, you can click here or this link ( or on any of the preview pictures!

Preview of Sales Items:


Thank you for reading :)
pan sticker, Mightyena

So Much Settei sales 3: Random Things lot - Backgrounds, Height charts, Houses, Trees,

This post super delayed because after uploading 120 things as PDFs Imgur decided to not like them anymore? Zigzag loading bar error. Now they're JPGs and it's happy. Yay.

Third of four settei sales / auctions to get these pages to good collector homes. If you're interested in future settei posts I can hold your pages / package until the end of this whole thing. Which will be about the middle of November. All scanned images may look cut-off in the image but they are not.

Main images link: . This takes you to the Imgur album where you can see all the pictures one by one and zoom in. Can it beat the previous album's record of 23 views? Who knows! Pages will be marked claimed or sold in the image comments section.

Calling this lot Settei Random Things because it's a mix of a bunch of stuff. Pokemon heigh reference charts, a few animation storyboard pages and then houses, roads, office stuff and an elephant shaped slide. The pages with Japanese writing are free.

Can combine with Settei Humans and things lot: .

Settei Team Rocket's Pokemon and Pikachu lot: .

Preview photo!

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Close up images link: .

Height chart pages are $2. Animation storyboard pages (Yanma, Voltorb, Pachirisu, etc) are $1 each. The rest are $0.25 cents each!

Shipping is interesting as the pages are 1 and a half inches longer than normal A4 or printer paper. Please do specify box or bubble mailer when posting. I have cardboard to prevent bending in the mailers and will reuse any boxes I have first. Can also ship UPS or the FedEx dropoff in town. Feel free to ask any questions!

What is UP with that page of Treecko standing around Pokemon cages?! I suspect Team Rocket at work.

Pokemon Center Plush sales

Hi everyone i have a bunch of pokemon center plush for sale!

Sales Permission under this cut!
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Buneary Heartland puppet MWT - $25
Shimmery Pikachu Pokedoll MWT (tag has creases) - $40 obo this price is just based off of one ebay listing)
2006 DX pikachu pokedoll TTO (plush has some small stains) - $35 (price is based off of 2 ebay listings)
Chimchar Pokedoll Japanese version TTO - $15
Charmander Pokedoll Japanese verison TTO (a little dirty) - $9
Torchic Pokedoll Japanese version TTO (kinda faded tush tag) - $9
Rotom Pokedoll TTO - $15
Totodile canvas TTO - $12
Cherrim canvas TTO - $15
Meloetta Pokedoll no tags - $6.50