November 7th, 2018

Adorable Killua

Last set of claims are in and 99 cent eBay sales

Claims for the Petite Fleur and Cord Protectors have arrived:

This involves
Alolan Vulpix: kurouneko
Eevee: shadoweon
Leafeon: shadoweon

Bulbasaur: neutralemotions
Squirtle x 2:
Mew: miss10

Please comment below with location and I'll get you a total. Also, many are still availabe for claim, $11 each.

Also, Trying to clear out some space. Everything is 99 cents, just pay shipping.

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  • enecey


Hey there! :D Havent posted for a while sooo here is an updated list of my sales items ^-^

Click on the pictures to enlarge them

-I received sales permission by "areica96" on "January 29th, 2018"

-I ship from Germany

-I ship internationally

-only Paypal payments

-shipping is from germany 4€- or with tracking 7€

-flats shipping up to 50 grams is 2€

-i also do discounts

-I respond always as soon as possible- because of time zones it can take sometimes longer!

-I always ship within 1-3 days

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  • coh33d

Taking offers for a Swampert Pokedoll!

Hello, I am currently taking offers for a piece of the holy trinity.
The only other ones I could find online are $250 - $400, and I'm willing to sell below that.
*I was granted Sales Permission on (8/8/12) by Allnia*
Feedback located here:
eBay feedback located here

It's super cute, and still in fantastic shape.
I took a few pictures to display it at the best of my ability, but if you would like any more pictures or have any specific questions please ask!

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Sales! Mirage Giant Bulbasaur!

Some sales of nice retro stuff, including a giant Serperior custom and a giant mirage Bulbasaur.

Sales permission from PkmnCollectors: from entirelycliched on May 9, 2013.
My PkmnCollectors feedback:

~ I ship from southern California, USA. I have regular access to the post office.
~ I welcome international orders.
~ Once your item is shipped out, I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you are concerned, please specify if you'd like tracking/insurance on your item.
~ I can consider trades for Smash amiibos and recent Charmander line/Gary Oak merch.
~ Feel free to make offers! I try to use ebay as a price reference, but prices fluctuate of course.

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I also have a lot of Bulbasaur and Squirtle plushes I can sell to anyone who is interested in collecting these guys (decided to just focus on Charmander line).

Thanks for viewing!