November 10th, 2018

Looking for: Clipping Figures, Finger Puppet, Electronic Latios

Hello! Does anybody here still have clipping figures for sale? Especially Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, it doesn't have to be with base but if you have it complete with base it will be even better! Also if you have other small pokemon clipping figures you can offer them to me! (this means large pokemon like Tropius or Groudon is out of question)

Also looking for Finger Doll Munchlax with sleeping pose and sitting pose, and as always, TOMY Electronic Latios!

Pictures below the cut, thanks!

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Kyurem Doll

Few plush looking for new homes

Greetings everyone,

It's been a LONG while since I've logged on here (Still been actively lurking and collecting though). Not sure if a lot has changed with LJ since then, or if the rules have changed alot on PKMNCollectors since then (Probably been about roughly 2 years since I've been really active on here. So, if anything is wrong or needs to be changed just let me know). Anyways, I have a few plush today that are looking for a new home. It took me a long while to come to a decision and while the choice was tough to let them go, I think maybe some folks would enjoy them more than I would. They're all NIP w/tags, and have never been displayed (Been safe in storage with a lot of my other brand new plush).

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As always, thanks for viewing/reading!
pan sticker, Mightyena

Paradise, CA fire emergency - Update 12/01/18

Update December 1st.

Unfortunately we got a photo and the news that our house is burned. The fire is 100% contained now and lots of crews are working on clearing debris and restoring the town enough for evacuees to return. We’ve been getting a lot of rain storms that has slowed things down. Current estimate is for some of the town evac zones to open up this week and my zone some time before December 15th. It’s been hard staying away from the area three weeks now but staying in touch online and with the Pokémon Go community helps a lot.


Hello all, I know this is more relevant for Free for all Friday but affects comm sales a little so making a post here.

Thursday morning, November 8th, 8:30am my mom and our cat had to leave our town due to a major fire. We are safe in Sacramento. Our house is on the edge of Butte Creek Canyon near Magalia. I saw fresh smoke coming up and then some flames below. Praying for our house and firefighters. Have some defensive space but not much. This fire is unique in that the fierce Jarbo Gap winds blew high and fast, carrying embers on the wind. 80-90 percent of residential in town is gone and most commercial buildings.

For the people who have bought settei pages from me, I have your pages and the next lot. Put them in with my Mac desktop box. I would like people I’ve bought from to know mail is being held nearby in Chico. I am giving out my sister’s house address. Any packages in the mail will be held at nearby town’s post office centers. Please PM me if needed and will reply soon.

SF Chronicle fire tracker is the most updated, Action News Now website is good and their Cal Fire map has specific information. Right click on the fire icon to get the fire info page on road closures and other data.