November 11th, 2018

MWT Pokemon Plush Sales

hi everyone i wasn’t going to make another sales post but after the announcement for the rest of pokemon fit got released and there’s so many that i want i thought i’d try again haha
sales permission under this cut
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prices <3
MWT Pokemon plush - prices are below all are MWT unless noted. if you need better pictures just ask 🙂 i will be going to the post office to ship tuesday
stufful - $15
bewear - $15
dragonite - $12
entei - $25 sold
entei TTO - $20 sold
raikou - $25 sold
mew winking - $12
mew laying down - $12
hoopa - $12
chimchar TTO - $12
buneary - $20
mine jr - $15
wooper - $15

Looking for regional Soulsilvers and Pokewalkers!

Before the new stuff, a repeat of my merch wants: 

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Anyways, I'm looking for various region Soulsilvers! I already have US, KOR and JPN. In terms how much I want them:

Most wanted but unreasonable: The supposed LTN Spanish (more on that below) 

More reasonable: IPGD-NOE (German)/IPGI-ITA (Italian)

Less wanted: IPGF-CDF (Canadian French)/IPGS-ESP (European Spanish)/IPGF-FRE (European French) 

Least important: IPGP-EUR (European English)/IPGE-AUS (Australian English)

Yes, I'm aware there aren't major differences in the US/EUR/AUS English carts and the CDF/FRE French carts. As for the LTN Spanish (which is essentially a relabeled ESP), I've yet to see any proof that it exists but Bulbapedia claims there's one (though without a citation). I'm looking for the plastic box, inserts and cart at the minimum, but the outer cardboard box and Pokewalker as well would be nice, though pricey. I'm also looking for a plastic box for the Korean SS, but I doubt I'll get one. 

As for Pokewalkers, that's a lot more loose. The clip is nice but not necessary and they don't need working batteries either. 

Thanks for reading!