November 15th, 2018

hoppip tcg card art

Looking for specific Pikachu charm

Hello! I'm on the hunt for a Pikachu charm from this set (the one circled in red, with ears down).

I purchased this for my best friend a few years back, and he would wear it every day on a necklace chain, but recently somehow the chain snapped and the charm is nowhere to be found. He was devastated after losing it, so I'd love to find a replacement for him for Christmas if possible!

If anyone has any information on what the set is called, or has one of these charms for sale/otherwise knows where I could find one, please let me know! ; w;

Edit: I did see a sale for the full set on Ebay, but as I only want the specific one charm, it's just not worth the cost for me personally ;__;

Massive Collection Weeding Sales

Hello everyone!

Long time no post! I'm in the process of preparing to move, and I've made the decision to narrow down my collection to PC plushies only for everything except for my Bulbasaur collection. So I've got quite a few plushies that are in need of new homes! I'm not quite sure how to price some of these so please feel free to make me an offer!

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