November 16th, 2018

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LGPE from Pokemon Center USA?

I pre-ordered my Let’s go Eevee in September and the website said the game would be shipped on the release day which is today, till now I haven’t received any “your order has been shipped” email, so I looked through my credit card transactions, and was surprised to find nothing about my pre-order transaction on the records. No pre-auth, no pending transaction, just nothing. I’m very worried because I ordered from them just for the bonus little Eevee keychain plush. Otherwise I would have bought a copy from Bestbuy. Has anyone actually received shipping confirmation from Pokemon Center USA regarding the pre-ordered LGPE games? Has anyone received the actual order?

Edit: received my order late afternoon, credit card still haven’t been charged :)

A look at my Dunsparce collection and new gets!

Although i am known for collecting everything Charmeleon i have also fallen in love with Dunsparce.
He is without a doubt in my top 3.

Therefore i have decided to start a Dunsparce side collection a while ago.
Unfortunately Dunsparce merch is not that easy to find but i have been fortunate to get most of them already. (Dunsparce Zukan is in the mail! Can’t wait!)

I have received two of them today and wanted to show them.
My cute little Gnocchi’s! (My Dunsparce’s nickname in the game)

I am not sure how rare the black carded charms are but i still got him for a reasonable price in my opinion. The BuruBuru i also got for a steal and is tagged!
So happy to finally have them!

My little Dunsparce collection is under the cut or else this post might be a little too long. >w<
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Pokemon Label B stickers also out same day as pokemon fit plush!

Label B stickers

I wanted to make an order and see if anyone else would like to add as well!

Label B sticker claims: $6.50 each I will be shipping from the US. Price before shipping/fees

Stickers are die cut and waterproof!

sales permission granted by entirelycliched July 23rd 2013

Current Claims:
me: x2 vulpix x2 ninetales x2 charmander
Hannah Kerstin: x2 vulpix x2 ninetales
deranged_girl ratatta
Rachelle Greulich: Parasect
Case Hawkes: bulbasaur, ivysaur, venasaur, x2 raichu
m14mouse weedle
neutralemotions ivysaur, fearow, mewtwo
myuutoox2 mewtwo
butnow ivysaur, gloom, ninetales
diamondphantom raichu
spritzzie zubat

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Zekrom/Reshiram Codes + other stuff

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here. I've mostly moved to facebook so that I can sell/trade on there frequently, and I've stopped collecting a lot of things recently, downsizing my collection a ton. 

Anyways, I have quite a few reshiram and zekrom codes left from the event at target if anyone needs one. I think I have around 10, and I can get more when I go to target tomorrow. They leave the cards out for whoever wants to take them.

I also haven't seen anyone post about this yet, but soon, the 10 inch version of the Pikachu pop will be released and it will also be target exclusive. Even though they aren't released yet I have seen a few be sold on second-hand sites already. Here's the link to the Target website listing. I read on a website that they were supposed to have been released today, but the website says no stores have them.

Even though I have stopped collecting for the most part, I have still made a few purchases here and there. Mostly figures, here's some of the stuff I've gotten over the past few months.

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