November 17th, 2018


So I just dicovered this absolutely beautiful Spearow today. He has such a dynamic pose and with that size, might fits very well into my collection. Thus I wonder, does anyone have it for sale?

Also you can always offer me something else. I'm collecting in-scale pokemon figures that scales well with Ash based on their actual height in Pokedex. Think of them as large scale Zukan!


Introduction!! Also a visit to Nintendo NYC!!

Hello!! This is my first post in the pkemoncollectors community and Im pretty nervous haha. Any way, Im still fairly new to this hobby, I only really started collecting in late 2016, roughly two years ago. I mainly collect newer Pokemon plushies such as Alolan Pokemon, and occasionally figures and cards. My collection isn't that impressive as I cant afford to buy tons of pokemon merch sadly. I mainly joined this community, as it is the only community I found that are really passionate about pokemon merch, and I just had to join!! I will show my collection another time (since its scattered all over my room lol) but I wanted to show you guys some pics I took of my visit to Nintendo NYC today. I may occasionally post updates of pokemon merch since I don't live very far from Nintendo NYC and I go there once in a while
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Updated Sales!

Hello everyone! Happy holiday season.

I have updated my sales post:

I ship from the US. Some of the new items are from the Munch Scream collaboration w/ the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. I've also added a few plush :3

I started a new job over the summer, so it's been quite a while since my last update. I still frequent this page quite a bit, but not as often as I have in the past :/

I am hoping to do some weeding and get my Pokemon room cleaned up. Then maybe I can post a collection update!

I hope everyone has a good night~