November 18th, 2018

  • zefiru

Anybody Interested in our Pokemon Happy Meal Toys?

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend. Our local McDonald's just released their Happy Meal toys for the month and it's all Pokemon! I'm here to ask if anybody's interested in them. I can do pick-ups like the Jollibee Kiddie Meal toys from before. Here are the pics:

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Let me know! Have a good day!

URGENT: Looking for Azelf Clipping Figure

Due to a heavily irritating incident, I lost the Azelf clipping figure that was supposed to be mine. It's even complete with its base which adds insult to injury. :\

So now I'm back to looking for Azelf Clipping Figure. Preferably with its base since I already got Mesprit and Uxie with their base.

If anybody have it or know where to get it, please let me know, thank you. u__u

Need ID on a few items

I've seen a few people in the community have websites with their collections posted. They're really cool and well put together, so I've decided I want to do this as well, partly because I have so much of it but also because some of it I don't know what I have. There's a number of plush and figures that I'm having trouble finding an origin for. I'm most interested in Manufacturer and Year of make, but all information is useful! If anyone knows what any of these are, I'd appreciate any information!

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Anyway, here's what I've got that I need some info on. I think a few of it is just my inexperience with the history of pokemon collecting? If anyone knows what any of these are, who made them, and when, I'd love the help! Thank you! :)

Edit: Editing to add one more question. Those metal pokemon figures by kyodo... do they all come in multiple colors? I have a gold and a blackish gunmetal color, I'm wondering if there's more? I've seen silver and blue but idk if Quagsire comes in those colors.

looking for tomy vulpix keychain

I'm just getting started with collecting and my goal for right now is a set of figures for my go-to party! Hoping to find the keychain as my vulpix representative but haven't had any luck searching — does anyone have one available? Keychain part doesn't need to be intact, just after the figure. Thanks!

Edit: Actually on the topic of collecting my party, I'm also trying to decide whether to go for a tomy or kids ponyta. The rest will be tomy, but my concern is that the ponyta's scale is too far off to fit in (as the rest are all small pokemon — chikorita, seel, eevee...) so maybe the kids will look bigger in comparison. Would anyone who has both those ponytas and some other tomys be willing to do me a huge favour and grab a picture of them together with one of those other guys so I can see how they size up?