November 19th, 2018


Help an artist out? (Picture/scan requests!)

Hello everyone!

I am an illustrator who has recently been told that I should create some surface textile work. The Pokémon center designs have always been an inspiration for me as those patterns are so original, unique, and typically don’t use the generic Pokémon stock art, but something new for the merch line. I was wondering if anybody had scans or pictures of closeups for different merchandise patterns? I’m looking for as much clear picture Pokémon center pattern inspiration as I can find, thank you!

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Looking for Christmas presents

I'm looking for plush of the following Pokemon for Christmas presents :) I will consiter any but would prefer them to have hang tags.

Rotom (any form except Pokedex)
Alolan or Kanto Rattata
Shiny Mimikyu
Tomy us Slowpoke plush
Any Christmas themed plush
May also be intrested in Alolan Pokemon kids if new in box
Thank you! :3

Dragonair Kid Differences?

Hi comm,

So I just received a HUGE lot of kids from Japan and amongst them were these guys...

Does anyone have any info on why they’re different colours? I know Shiny Dragonair is pink so it can’t be that, is this just a factory mistake? They both say 1997 on the back too which has me confused as they appear to be from the same release.

Any info would be greatly appreciated and if you’re looking for any Kids I have 100s now so let me know! I don’t have sales permission but can trade!