November 21st, 2018


Pre-Japan Clear Out Sale!

You read that right! In a few short months, I will be moving to Japan to study abroad for half a year! I assume I will be going to the Pokemon Center pretty frequently, so I would love to clear out some old stuff! Remainders will be placed on eBay swiftly!

I removed a few items from my Rowlet line and Espeon collections to add to previously listed items!


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Until next time,
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Black Friday huge discounts & new items!

Hey everyone, Black Friday discounts are now LIVE! Most of the stuff are on sale with 50% discount, and you can pick many freebies with your order. See details in my sales post:

The discount will end on Monday, but this sales will be cross-listed on Facebook tomorrow. I still feel this community is where I started and where I belong, so I won't post it to Facebook until tomorrow, though knowing things will sell faster there...
New things just added: Korean Pokemon Center exclusive pass case and sticker, super cute Doujin flats, It's Demo memo sheets and pen pouch, various hand towels, Vulpix bath towel, and so on!
By the way all of my hand made resin charms are on discounts too, I'm making some more and they'll be listed very soon :)
Have a nice holiday!!!

US pokecen weekly update!

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Not much has been added, but the seasonal pikachu/eevee summer plush has been released alongside some new Dragon Majesty items. If anyone was looking to get it, now's a good time to get it cheaper!

Thanks for reading!

WANTS: Overseas Pokemon Promo Toys, Flats, Game Boxes

Looking for a couple of McDonald's 2017 non-US toys if possible, mostly Latin American, I believe.
I ~*know*~ the Komala is and the others were elsewhere.émon_toys
Specifically, I am seeking the second ("dashing") Pikachu, the third ("attack") Pikachu, the Komala and the three Alola starters WITH BASES--the US ones DO NOT have bases and those look SO MUCH BETTER!

I am also, believe it or not, looking for some mint McDonald's toy BAGS/inserts for an acquaintance who collects Pokemon advertising. Specifically, Solgaleo, Grubbin, Pikipek, Rotomdex and Thundurus (to match what was either missing or damaged from ~my~ collection) and then any of the ones from any foreign releases if possible. I am also on the lookout for and advertising flats from any previous McDonald's years (2011, 2012 for the US, others for foreign releases).
I know that's kind of a quirky request, granted but with this community having a worldwide reach, you just never know!
Also, if the Pokemon the First Movie VHS came with an insert, does anyone have a picture of it?

For that same acquaintance, I am also looking for some Pokemon game ~boxes~, for the same reason.
In order of desirability, these would be:
* Conquest
* Dash
* Trozei
* Typing (EU ONLY, I know!)
* Ranger (all three)
* Mystery Dungeon (all)
* Super Mystery Dungeon (both)
* Rumble (Both)
* 4th-Gen
* 5th-Gen
* 6th-Gen

Thanks in advance for any help! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!

First Sales Post

I finally got sales permission :D Gonna clear out some stuff I've had sitting around before I move onto the big stuff!

Click here to go to my sales! I'm selling off a lot of my Zorua collection as well as some other stuff. I'll work on a banner later on.

Side note: I am looking for Garchomp merch for my bf for Christmas. Comment here or on my sales if you have something and I'll look at it :D

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Questions (Been a Long Time)

Hi friends! Thanks to school there are long gaps in my collecting days. But I’m back, and I’m just looking for some advice. I desperately want the Umbreon battrios, and The Scream promo cards. Where would be the best place to get these? (I can’t seem to find the battrios anywhere)

And on another note, are Mandarake Cubes any good? If so where could I pick some up? (Wish I had the means to go to Japan myself)

Anyway thank you all in advance!