November 23rd, 2018

Some wants and sales and etc.

Hello! 😄

It's been a while my collection doesn't have a considerable update, I got some new items, but once I'm moving from my house, they're all on warehouses actually! 😓

But I'm on search of (maybe) some items.

Like I did on US/UM release last year, I'd love to know if there's any official stuff for this art (poster, postcard, tcg sleeves, etc). If it exists I'm very interested on them. It's for my Lance collection, of course! 😊

Also, is anyone making pickups for these Kalos badges already?? I need the Lysandre's badge really much!! 😍😍 And Sycamore's too.

Just to remember, I live in Brazil. If you have a problem about shipping to my country, I'm gonna ask you strongly to not even leave a comment here! I had a problem about it on my last post, the user was very rude and they're banned from my sales and commissions because of that!

Thank you very much! 💕

Custom sales reminder and lowered prices:

Hello. I ended up having to close these sales abruptly after I posted them a while ago, but I’m back now with lowered prices!
Please note, I will not be able to start the shipping process until at least Tuesday because of a family event. Also I will be going out today For a little while, so if at some point I don’t respond right away, that’s why, but I will get to you!

Sales are here:

Sales Reminder + Extra and New Claims!

Hi everyone!

This is a little reminder for my sales. I have lots of things looking for new homes, and I've marked down pretty much everything. Even with the markdowns, I'm open to haggling or trades!
To be transported to my sales, please click on the banner or the link below:
new banner test3.jpg

Also, I will be closing my sales November 26 at 12:00 PM EST/Detroit time, so this will be my final sales post until the end of December. I have finals coming up, and one monster of a class needs some serious studying. My claims post will remain open, but I won't have regular sales. All orders will be shipped by Friday, November 30.

In addition to my regular sales, I also have some extra claim items available. These are up for straight sale in the cut below!

Collapse )

Collapse )

I also have these claims that are ongoing. I added a new item, the YuraYura Mansion Game, and I need a few more claims for most of these sets, so please check it out!
You can be transported to my claims page by clicking the preview image or the link below:

Until next time~
Happy Friday!
(^‿^v)   kuro

Thank you and FFAF!

This is a day or two late depending on where you are located but HAPPY THANKSGIVING guys!!
I hope you guys had a great feast!

There's a few things I'm thankful for:

1. The Moderator team
I feel that the moderator team has been trying their best to cater to LJ even though we all have different lives. We are all busy with work, but still try to cater to pkmncollectors needs whenever possible. I hope everyone understands that we don't get paid to do this and we are doing this to the best of our abilities.

2. The pkmncollectors members
Without YOU guys we wouldn't be here. (: Thank you for participating in events, thank you for your patience whenever the moderators are busy, and most importantly, thank you for all the friendships that were made in this community. You guys are awesome.

3. The creators of pokemon
For giving us something to love and cherish forever.

Now that I've said all i'm thankful for, share with me what you're thankful for!


So talk all you want! but normal FFAF rules apply ;D

Thank you!

On a side note, I just got an email from saying that my order of the G.E.M. mew and mewtwo statue will be delayed. ;_;
Anyone else ordered it? i was so excited to get it!