November 24th, 2018

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Looking for some Pokemon Center Sweatshirts..


Looking for some Pokemon Center sweatshirts that are no longer available on the site:

Looking for both in a size small!

Admittedly, I had ample time to order them when they WERE available, but I haven't had great experience with Pokemon Center lately. I've been sent totally tore up packaging, boxes left on my porch that were hardly taped and came OPEN, shirts with the right size on the paper tag but were actually the wrong size.. anyone else have a similar experience?

Anyway, thank you for reading!
Alola Ninetales

Long Overdue Gets Post

I originally was holding off while waiting for a package to arrive, but it never did, so I guess it's finally time to post that gets post I've been meaning to for several months! (I posted back in July about my return.)

I had(have) a lot of catching up to do as I was out of collecting for almost two years due to life, so the best way to start getting back in was to treat myself to this beauty.
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And lastly, some general reorganizing and shelf updates. Bought another wood box and plastic stair riser.
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New to the community! Hi!

First off I'd like to say thank you for allowing me in, to be honest I've been stalking this place since I was a teen due to my love of all things plushie. My obsession with Pokemon started about a decade and a half ago when I was a lil fish, and it's pretty much escalated from there!

Now I have a massive collection of pokemon games, pokemon shirts, cosplays, accessories and now of course, plush!

I'll show you guys in later posts some of my collections of my own crocheted pokemon plush and whatnot later on too, I like being crafty > : D

I should probably take more pictures of it, but I wanted to show you guys my current collection! about 400+ pokemon plushies, not including the ones on my bed currently! I've been collecting for quite awhile and somehow without realizing it I ended up with this amount >__< though I know for a fact in this community this is probably considered just a moderate sized collection haha.

I'll give you brownie points if you can guess what my top 4 favourite pokemon are >: D