November 26th, 2018

Pokemon Battle Museum/ Full color stadium figures- Looking to trade

Hello pokey friends :-) longish time no see. Sorry for the lack of posting. I check here all the time but I'm taking a step back from pokemon collecting due to financial reasons mostly and other life changes. But I'm not stopping collecting, I just can't afford as much as I used to >,< Most of my recent collection has come from local hunts. I've been getting some cool nice things, but I don't really like showing off and it's a little off topic from my post so next time maybe ^^ Anyways the idea of my post is: I want to share my pokemon Battle museum/Full color stadium figures collection. (Like I did with my stamp figures a while ago). I have imaged all my figures-- What my goal of this post is to look to trade all my duplicates for ones I don't have!

So guide,
First cut- pokes I don't need (my collection!) not for trade or sale!
Second cut- poke figures I have for trade. Wanting to trade for ones I don't have listed in my collection ^^!

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I ship from US :)

I think that's about it? ^^ In other news: how are you guys liking let's go? :D My sister is chaining for shiny vulpix as we speak (combo 50!! she's trying to get a ton of vulpix candies so she's keeping up her chain) I have 4 badges, I've been almost playing it nonstop since I picked it up UwU It's such a fun game :3!