November 28th, 2018

Let's Go Eevee Preorder Plush

Hi guys! Sorry I don't post here often - I've been meaning to do a collection update but there's so much stuff I want to buy that I keep putting off taking pictures haha.

Anyway though, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any availability for those adorable eevee keychain plushes that were only available through the Pokemon Center preorders of the game? The game released really close to my birthday, so I didn't preorder it myself (though I wanted to) because my boyfriend hinted that he was going to...and I was really excited for it, but later he mentioned he DID in fact, preorder it, but from Amazon. Dx I love the game and it was super sweet of him to do that but I was really looking forward to getting that plush >_< So I was just wondering if anyone here was planning on parting with theirs or knew of anyone who was planning on it and would consider selling to me? <3

Thanks guys, and I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying all of the fun Pokemon things that have happened in the past few weeks <3