Charizard (flamincharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

On the hunt for pillow plushies!

Hi everyone, I'm flamincharizard but you can call me Celina! I joined over a half a year ago but things have been really crazy these past few months which is why I haven't been as active with posting. However, I'm hoping for this to change! I'll probably do a collection update within a couple weeks since I'm gonna be reorganizing my shelves! My collection has grown tremendously...
However the main question I have is that I decided to try and collect the pillow plushies from 1999 or so I believe ever since I came across this guy at goodwill:
(I also have the two different pikachu pillows as well!) I've always been interested in them and was wondering what ones were made, if anyone was selling them on here(I trust here more than eBay sometimes) and where would good places to find them. I know eBay has some but they can go for crazy prices sometimes and I can't afford it. D:
Thanks everyone!
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