Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Buy Reminder!

Oh my gosh you guys! Why is there so much cute stuff coming out?? Ugh I need to do some serious weeding because I can't fit all of the cute things, except the Kuttari's because they are tiny... Mew Kuttari and Sylveon Kuttari are coming out on the same day! I seriously cannot express my excitement. \(^O^)/

Anyway the true purpose of this post is a reminder that I am doing a Group Buy from for anyone interested in saving on domestic shipping charges. You can find the post and details by clicking the image below or here:

I am placing this order later today so please let me know ASAP if you want something for this time around! I will almost certainly be placing another order when the Chef Pika, and Mew/Sylveon kuttari's come to the site.

and just a cute picture for fun and some Halloween spirit!

Clicking this image will also take you to my sales post. ^_^ Have a good weekend everyone!
Tags: group buy
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