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Gets, Sales, and Wants!

A bunch of new and wonderful items that have just been added to my collection site

[Sales]Sales permission granted on 01 DEC 2013 by entirelycliched

- I ship from the U.S.
- paypal only
- It's first come first serve
- If you want an item please clearly state that you are going to commit!
- Asking for a quote does not guarantee you an item!
- If I don't receive a response for a quote within 24 hours, I will move to the next person who is interested in the item(s)
- I ship world wide

My Feedback:

Fuzzy Latias

The Forces of Nature Therian Forme Zukan

Mightyena/Poochyena Card - $2
Dialga/Palkia mini figures - $3
Kyogre Trozei Sticker - $2
Kyogre Keychain - $2
Braviary charm - $4

Entei cap figure $2
Entei transparent keychain - $5
Charizard Moncolle - $5

Zygarde Lot (Includes Clearfile, not shown)

Kid figures
$2 each or 3 for $5

Sold: Houndoom, Sunflora

Lamin card

Slowking Metal Keychain (BIG) - $7
Pichu Keychain - $5

Raikou Keshipoke Series 4

Candy Top Figure

Metallic Battle Museum Figure
Raikou only

Need Bronze and Gold coins

Battrio Coins

Raikou Stamp

Retsuden Stamp

Raikou Retsuden Stamp

European Twister Figure
Raikou only

Raikou Model Figure


Bath Towel
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