Eboncharizard (eboncharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Unexpected Late Night Grail Get!!!

Hi everybody!
So, unfortunately, I had to pass on a few quotes tonight because I ended up getting my first grail status plush! :D

Backstory time!
When I was ten in fourth grade, I was saving for weavile, mew, absol, and ho-oh pokedolls from pokemon center's old site. I was a week or two away from having enough allowance when the site was shut down. I was devastated, and never quite forgot. I have aince acquired ho-oh and mew, but weavile and absol (mainly this' un) have eluded me. Yesterday, on a Facebook group, a good seller I know listed an absol for $40, but it was tagless. The plush, in the other pictures he sent, and from his description was mint. However, two people before me inquired, and offered more for him. I got the message tonight that he was mine if I wanted him! :D

Isn't he a beaut? :'D

I'm literally in shock that I'll be getting him soon!
A real childhood dream come true! I've only seen 4-5 legit ones for sale but all were $60-85 apiece X.X
And it really made my day because my betta I bought in August, Yang, died suddenly this morning, so I was bummed :/

That's about it! ^-^
Thanks for reading!
Good night everybody!
~ Ebon
Tags: absol, pokedoll
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