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local gets!

Hello all! I got to hang out with ninetails today, and we got some cool stuff and checked up on some local stock AND IT WAS FUN.

Here's what I got out of today!

First off! Are the Pikachu & Friends w/Berries fragrance pouches that I bought from her! They're HUGE?? I wasn't expecting them to be so big OR so cute!

And they smell pretty nice, too.

Now are the things that I got while Christine and I were out today.

There was a cute Kids display with some legendaries/megas, as well as this little guy!

Also at Mitsuwa were gum packs with holo/shiny postcards inside! There was two per pack and a total of 20 designs you could get. They're really pretty! I'm hoping to go back and get the one that has mega Lopunny and Audino on it. The art on the package is pretty sweet too.

Next door at Kinokuniya, Christine pointed this out to me cus she thought I'd like it; it's a catalog book of previous merch campaigns as well as some info on the games and anime!

There's some craft instructions, too. Like customizing a travel mug and making felt charms!

The book came with some cute freebies, too.

a clearfile...

some stickers....

...and a cute paper scheduler!

Oh, and one more thing! I went ahead and make a Twitter specifically for collecting and stuff, and if you have one I'd love to follow you! Here's mine.
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