January 4th, 2019

The Search For An Old Pikachu

Hello, I'm back and still searching for my old friend. Long story short, I had a Pikachu plush as a child, but it was stolen from me, and I want to find another one. I don't have any good pictures, and this is the closest thing to a decent picture I have.

It's not a Tomy Squeaker, or a Jumbo Hasbro plush either. I'm stumped, and have found no results in my search. It's about 10 inches tall, and was made sometime before 2005, likely somewhere around 1999.

It has a close resemblance to the Jumbo Hasbro Pikachu, but is smaller. Its tail was not stitched to the body like a lot of Pikachu plushes.

I've searched forever, but have found nothing like it. I asked before here, but I think I gave incorrect height information.

I am very much interested in buying the same Pikachu, and it's my dream plush to own! If anyone has any leads, I'd love to hear! Thank you in advance!
Adorable Killua

I Feel Like a Terrible Flareon Collector

Good Morning everyone! Happy Friday! I feel like I don't post here too often anymore, I just set up my collection room and dropped off and only post wants, sales, or claims. I also know that I had scheduled to do a video of the collection room, but I really rather wait to do that once I get my partial fur suit in! :D

So today, I figured I'd show off my Flareon Collection in just photos since the new Saiko Eeveelutions came out and I'll be sending money to Miki soon enough as they were gracious enough to not only do pick-ups, but grace us with their insane luck and managed to get the gacha Flareon and Sylveon for me from the line up. So before they arrive here's where I'm at now:

You can click on the photos to make them larger, but this is why I feel like a terrible flareon collector:

Look at that sad bunch of kid figures...I've gotten seriously lazy with collection Flareon kid figures. I know there's a mud slap one, and for the most part, they're super easy to come by, I just don't feel motivated haha. Anyway, let me know if you have other Flareon's I don't! :D I've gotten really back into collecting and have been working on my collection site to start fresh the new year! Take a look! I updated the Amiibo section yesterday with ones I have! Plus, it's a good checklist for other Amiibo collectors as I have them sorted by series and in chronilogical order by release date (note I only collect the Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, LoZ, and Splatoon Amiibos). Have a look! (I need to update my banner...)

Fast Sales

Hi!! I hardly post here anymore and I hope to change that soon, but for now I got some quick and cheap sales. :) my next shipping day is Monday so if you need me to hold until then I can! 0

I was granted sales permission by Allina 6-11-14
Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ClassyPersian/

I can only ship in the US at this time (HI and AK included)

I have 3 cats but they arnt near my merch

My home is smoke free

Feel free to ask questions!

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PokemonCenter.com Pickup Group order

Hi! I was looking to organize another group buy for mostly our international members. I already have $14 in my cart so I'm looking for a $36 purchase from other member/s. I won't be charging a commission, just looking to save on the shipping costs so you'll only get charged the item+paypal fees+shipping. Thanks!