January 6th, 2019

Weeding Sales: almost every sleeping Kuttari, a couple bell plush, and wayyy more

I moved again recently, and I felt prompted me to get rid of a few things, as usual.

I ended up weeding out about 50% of my plush collection. I used to collect sleeping Kuttaris, but I decided to let those go. So you'll find just about EVERY SLEEPING KUTTARI for sale here, except for the couple I've kept and the handful I've already sold.

Here's a small preview of my permanent sales post. Be warned: it's very picture-heavy, and there's a LOT of stuff for sale there.

Click the pictures to be transported. If the hyperlink is acting up, you can also copy and paste this link:


1/6/19-Weekly Merch News Round Up!

A few of you said that you wanted a merch news round up so here we are! I will likely be posting these every Sunday!
In addition to what was announced, I'll also go through what was released this week! (at the time of writing of course)
I plan on making these as search friendly as possible/adding links when possible.

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Shiny Entei

Updated Skitty Collection Site

After being up since 5:30am this morning and it now being 8:15pm, I have officially completely updated my Skitty Collection on my collection site. Only 1 collection down of about 20 T-T Any, PLEASE go take a look and oogle at my Skitty. It was a lot of hard work. Plus, if you're a skitty collector they're really good photos for a wants list!

Click either the photo or HERE to be transported :)

Shamless Skitty wants
Clear Kid
CharaChara Bubbles
Skitty Mascot Plush
Skity Mascot Keychain Plush
Reversible Skitty Tomy Plush