January 7th, 2019

Out of Country Purchases?

Hey guys, I was hoping to get an opinion from those who might have knowledge on the matter. I have a friend going around the world due to this marketing job he works for, and he offers to get me souvenirs. I was wondering (I live in the US) if getting any plushies or figures from outside the region count as a rare collectible. Would values increase by having them or does it count as "exclusive" if they are only sold in one location rather than multiple? Thanks for any help you guys provide.

Toy Fair 2019

(Aplogizing in advance if anything looks weird I'm on mobile!)

But in case anyone forgot (because I sure did) the 2019 Toy Fair is being held in New York from Feburary 16th - 19th. Wicked Cool Toys will be there again, this time with the following stuff

(128) Action Figures
(156) Collectibles
(168) Dolls - Collectible
(169) Dolls - Fashion
(179) Games - Action & Skill
(199) Licensed Products
(219) Plush
(256) Toys (General)

Mattel will also be there (they do the Mega Construx line of Pokemon figures) but they didn't reveal what they're showing at the show.

If you need a recap of Pokemon stuff shown last year there's this post right here.

Is there something specific that you're expecting or hoping to see? Looking back at the 2018 post I forgot that a Clip n Go Stufful was supposed to be released with wave 2 but I haven't seen it nor the Meowth one.....I guess stuff got moved around (please don't pull a TOMY and cancel this one too 😂)

New year, new sales! Just a few plush for sale~

Hello everyone, I havent been on much but I'm still lurking around here and there :)

As always still a big munchlax collector, look forward to any new munchlax merch we may get :)

Still on the hunt for the tomy heartland minky munch.

Also does anyone own the laying psyduck plush from the pokecen? it looks very soft just curious if anyone has one/feedback ;O

Anyway, my sales are below! Its been awhile, I hope im doing this LJ cut right xD

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