January 16th, 2019

info on the thunderbolt project black pikachu plush?


I love collecting unique/limited plush, so the black pikachu caught my eye. However, it's pretty pricey--most are listed as $130+. I'd rather not sink in that much money without knowing all the details.

From what I've seen, it was never for sale and was given to people who worked at the events. I couldn't really confirm it, so if anyone has any more info on this plush I'd love to hear it!

Here's a pic of the plush from the project's official instagram:

Thanks for reading!

Looking for proxy service from Germany

Hello, I am looking to buy something on amazon Germany, but the item can't be sent to Canada. I am trying to find a service that could buy it from me, but no luck :( If someone know a place or someone that can help me one please let me know :) it's nothing big or expensive.

Thanks for the help!

I'll try to find an other option ^^'