January 18th, 2019

Monthly gets and sales!

Hi everyone! I'm making my monthly post a little early since I'm pretty sure I'm done ordering stuff for now. So here we go!

Gets under the cut..

Collapse )

So I decided to reorganize my collection and used cork tiles to clean it up a bit! Clear files were moved to my file caddy I also picked up.

First pic, my pin/charm/button board! I love how it came out!!!

Here's the area I cleaned up a bit...

And finally, my full collection shot.

Thank yall for reading! Let me know what yall think! In the mean time, here's the links to my collection website (which I also remodeled a bit), and my sales!



Gets and wants!

[Pic heavy]
Hello everyone, long time no post! I had to leave work sick today and needless to say I was pretty bummed. That all turned around with getting the package I've been eagerly awaiting!

First off, the kids!

I picked up these and the following plush from shiny_vulpix and I absolutely love them!

I've been waiting to add this baby to my collection for a while, I hate buying f i g u r e s individually so this was a great opportunity!

And now the angriest boi you've ever seen! He's so cute!! Rockruff has several plushes available but admittedly I haven't been as taken with any as this cute guy xD


Also not Pokémon related, but I've been waiting FOREVER for these patches to get here. They're for my denim patch jacket and they're absolutely perfect ❤

(And as an obsessed corgi-mom, I can never have too much corgi merch)

Now onto the wants!

My wallet might regret this a bit, but does anyone have any houndour/houndoom or persian f i g u r e s for sale? (I can always search Ebay but I like stopping by here first ❤)

Need Help!

Hi everyone!
I really need these items, but unfortunately pokecen doesnt ship items to my country :( (i live in Indonesia)


Is the anyone here willing to help me as a middleman to buy these?
Any info is appreciated!
Thank you for your time ^^