January 23rd, 2019

Updated Sales + Cute Alolapix Ears!

Hi all, I've updated my sales. A few new items were added and I've decreased prices on several older items. Please view them here: https://zeraora.livejournal.com/509.html

I have a couple of new Alolapix plush coming from an eBay seller in Japan. Hopefully they arrive safe and sound... I had a really awful experience with losing a Christmas gift package to theft over the holidays, so that still sort of scares me ._. Anyway, a belated Christmas gift I received from one friend included a new pink headset and these super adorable Alolan Vulpix ears headband!

I know it's been said by another person before, but I am double confirming that this headband can fit on adult heads. It doesn't feel tight on my head at all. I am super crazy for fox ear headbands so this was perfect for me xD I wish WCT would make clip on Alolapix tails to go with the ears.

Thanks for reading! I'll be sure to make another post in the next week or so with reviews on the new plush I'm receiving!