January 26th, 2019

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Introduction and my collection + wants

Hi everyone! I usually go by the name of Minuetta which I also use in the Discord group. My favourite Pokemon are Mudkip, Litten and Espeon, so I mainly just collect those. I like to collect plushies but I'm also trying to find interesting and nice looking figures and flats. I'd also like to start collecting pins in the future. I haven't been collecting plushies that long so my collection is not that big. Here is my collection:

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I have a wants list with a few items that I have tried to find. If any of these are your pictures and want me to credit you, just tell me :) I have downloaded these on my computer so I have no way of knowing where it came from.

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I will probably also post my gets in a few months. I'm just waiting for things to get shipped so it may take a while.

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Crazy/Cool functioning Pokemon Merchandise? What have you seen out there?

HEY long time no see community!  It's been like, two years?  One year?

Anyway, I'm posting this because I beleive a lot of us aspire to one day have Pokemon themed homes.  And because I plan on living in a tiny house, I promised myself I would only purchase Pokemon merchandise that 'serves a functioning purpose.' So I'm on the hunt to find some.  Such things include dishes, storage containers, calenders, piggy banks, lamps, toaster, etc.  I've however started running out of ideas (for official merchandise anyway) and thought maybe the community would know of some cool stuff I can't think of!

No dishes/bowls because they're an easy find.  I am talkin like, OUT there stuff.  Like a couch.  Table.  Rugs.  Curtains?  Idk, maybe thats not out there XD;

Anyone know of anything like that?

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Small Collection Update!

While I'm on here, I'll post a small collection update!

Last year I was living in Portland Oregon, and for the first time EVER I got the privalege to go to a massive Pokemon TCG gathering (States possibley?) There were a few vendors there, just as I had hoped!  And though a lot of things were expensive, I managed to get a pretty sweet mini horde for my collection!

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The Eevee and Antique/Karel Capek promotions had just come out at the time, and I was SO SO HAPPY to get the teas!!!!  I'm a HUGE, tea person.  And so far I've only drank one of the earl grey classic!  ;_; I have to ration them!!  Also I've NEVER gotten any of the Campus journals, so that was exciting too!  I'm too scared to write in it!!  The Sweets Time Pikachu phone charm actually wasn't from the con.  It was from an Uwajimaya.  The Umbreon shot glass came in a classic lottery drawing, but at least I got to choose 'which' glass I could get.  Here's a better pic of the shot glass in the light...

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When I tried my luck for the second time I had... less luck.  And won a small keychain charm.

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And since it was a card tournament, I HAD to get some sleeves.  They had this sick batch of evil bosses, and they had this super wicked bad ass one of Giovanni!!

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Had to get that STACK!

These other two I actually got within the month.  I saw the Mister Donut promotion and naturally wanted ALL of it, but I needed a calendar for the new year (and it was the cheapest thing) so I got it!

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It's a tear away, but I'm keeping the pages intact my using a string to hold it up instead of a tack.

And lastly, a small little Clefairy piggybank I've been eyeing on eBay for like, over a year.  I was surprised they still had it!  I wish it held more coins and didn't have a green sticky bottom.  But my other little mint green cat piggy bank with flowers I got from Pier One was EXACTLY the same size/shape as this one!!  So it's the best replacement! :D

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Thanks for Indulging me everybody! ;3

New Releases at PokeBox! Ampharos, Lopunny and Emboar!

Hiii comm,

Just thought I’d check PokeBox today to see if anything new had been released and...


New Ampharos Merch!!!!!!!!! Along with Lopunny and Emboar!

I always miss out on these so I thought I’d let you guys know so you don’t miss out either! I’ve ordered Ampharos and a Tepig one (I stopped collecting Tepig a while back but thought I’d get one more thing for my collection).

Are you guys gonna get any of these?

Nothing is impossible, don't lose hope!

Did I just hit the jackpot today? Someone from my local comm traded me his Blaziken pokedoll for my pokecen Tornadus plush, I couldn't get any more happier as soon as the deal took place since it was all greatly unexpected! Something you used to believe in fairytales you thought you'd never have but here it is, you're already in the posession of the grail you wanted to have for a very long time! 😭

Pokemon Center Group Buy

Hi all!
I am still looking for a couple of people interested in purchasing from the PC~
I’d like to buy an item from PC but it’s less than $50 to get the free shipping.
So would anyone be interested in buying an item and I will ship it to you? Payment would be the item + shipping to you. (I would prefer to ship within US & possibly Canada, and preferably light items/plush to keep the shipping cost low)

Just let me know the item + shipping zip code and I will give you a quote!
I am currently $20.05 away from free shipping
1-2 slots depending on if goal is met!
(Sales permission granted by areica96 on January 1st, 2018)