January 28th, 2019

WTB Wooper/Quagsire Stuff again!

I've got some money burning a hole in my pocket so... if anyone has any of these things, I wanna buy'em! Let me know!! :)

PS: I appreciate you guys offering me figures, keychains, and plush not on this list (because there's always a chance I've never seen them) but at the moment I'm only looking for the items on this list. Also, I may be willing to buy lots that include one of these items if the price is reasonable for me. Thank you :)

Sales! Some unique Japanese items!

Hey comm!

Just got a package in from my middleman and want to sell some stuff from some lots I picked up, namely a Rare Pichu Vinyl Plush, some mats and badges!

^^these are the ones I kept for the benefit of any wants lists or anything. Teddiursa is for my own collection, and the others have some of my favourite Pokemon on!

Without further ado...

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Anything can be combined with my sales in my personal journal! Click my name to be transported ^_^