February 2nd, 2019


Guys, I can't believe this is happening, like HAPPENING happening, but take a gander at this twitter post here.

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That is right, all of the remaining Pokemon from the Kalos region that did not receive a Kid Figure are getting one. They have stated from the Google translated tweet.

Words can't describe how much fanservice and love that the Bandai company decided to produce over something niche like Kalos Pokemon merchandise, guess the dream isn't dead to Catch 'em All physically eh?
Tell me what you think about this! Supposedly an update around the end of Feburaury to give out more details surrounding this huge surprise, I'm personally looking forward for the Bergmite and Phantump :D

Robot Pikachus?

Does anyone know if any of the plush from this promo is still in stock in Tokyo? My sister in law is going next week and asked if there’s anything I want. I would love to get some cool Japan only promo stuff B34C58FE-59C4-4EC5-8EBA-51D5DA8BEF91.jpeg