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04 February 2019 @ 02:15 pm

Just sharing~ visit your local league to get cool promos like these ^^

04 February 2019 @ 05:04 pm
US sellers preferred, though if you've got both and you're located elsewhere, we can probably work something out! Let me know what you're looking for, or if you'd want to trade for anything from my sales. Thanks! :D
04 February 2019 @ 05:42 pm

I'm back again!

Had some heavy vet expenses pop up so I'm offering extra slots for this month! (note I will also be offering commissions to twitter starting tomorrow, but I wanted to give the pkmncollectors community first dibs!)

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What Are Simplified Plushies?
Simplified plush are 3 to 4 inches (sometimes 5 inches) plush made from 2 sided patterns, with no elaborate patterning. They have many flat 1 sided pieces that are used for the more complicated details of the plush. They have plastic safety eyes instead of embroidered eyes. These plushies will only be made of felt.
* For Aditional examples of simplified plushies click here
* Each Simplified Plush will be $70 plus shipping and paypal fees
* You can also add a pink or red bow, or a bell for an additional $1
* In addition to the traditional eyes I use I also have Albino, Sparkle, and solid color eyes available. I always go with what works best for the design unless specifically asked.
* Payment is due for them in full when the plush is finished :)
* You can commission 1 plush per slot but may claim as many slots as are available.

Slots Available
Slot 1 : jadekitty777 - Shiny Rayquaza Finished!
Slot 2 :  jadekitty777 - Autumn colored Leafeon with bowtie Finished
Slot 3 : yoshineko33 - Lapras with red bow Finished
Slot 4 : jadekitty777 - Dusk Mane Necrozma Finished
Slot 5 : jadekitty777 - Zeraorararararararararara ra Finished!
Slot 6 (for March) ??? - Shiny??? Finished!

**** All slots are full! Thanks so much everyone!****
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🎁 Rayne 🎄
04 February 2019 @ 06:20 pm

Hello everyone! I updated my sales and figured I could add this bit of information along with it. Click the banner to go to my sales, and click the cut to see the Mewtwo.

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