February 7th, 2019

Collection Update

I think it's been a while since I posted a comprehensive collection update. With SSS drawing near, I wanted to show off my displays.
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This is a shot in the dark, but I couldn't find one my Figuarts Lucario's aura sensor things when I rescued him from my old place. Does anyone happen to have an extra laying around...?

I am also missing the closed eye piece, which is a shame - so I'd like that too, though it's not as important.
Even if I can't find a replacement, this guy is still special. He was one of the first high quality pokemon items I bought when I started collecting.

Sales Plug: https://mercurrix.livejournal.com/8759.html
I added two new items, but I'll do a bigger update after SSS begins.
Wishlist: https://mercurrix.livejournal.com/8151.html
I also opened an instagram account for toy pix, and would love to follow folks w/ similar accounts. The handle is savethetag.
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In search of -updated want list-

Hello. I am looking to buy these Pokemon Center items: Pokemon Petit Raichu strap, Pokemon With You Lucario button, Masquerade Party Gardevoir charm, and the Kirlia poke plush. Shipping would be to the US. Thank you for reading and for any offer.