February 9th, 2019

Collection & Introduction!

Hii everyone,
I am super new to this community, although I've been lurking around for a couple of years.
I am 26, trans masc, and live in Canada. :)
I'm pretty stoked to be part of an online community who are also into Pokemon merch. I'm a counsellor for mariginalized folks and I also do a lot of organizing and activism -- I feel like Pokemon has always been my 'escape plan' from that stuff, which I need sometimes. Pictures of Rapidash under the cut! I adore unicorns, and am a fire sign, and Rapidash is perfection. A couple of bootleg things in here, heads up. Also, custom made by kitamonplush.
ALSO WAITING on the 2018 Pokemon Centre rapidash plush which I believe is the only official plush made of him?! Pretty stoked. Random art things were gifts from pals, or stuff that I've made over the years.
Andd a question if folks feel like answering: How did you all get into collecting the pokemon that you collect? What was it about those Pokemon specifically? LAST THING, my phone camera sucks because I've dropped it a bunch. But I tried, I'll get it fixed eventually!

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WCT Jolteon

Hello, I been a long time member of this community, but mostly a lurker likely to go back into hiding!
I was at barnes and nobles today and saw this guy:

I'm not sure if I ever seen any posts about these guys so I figured I'd share! They did have flareon as well so I can only assume that vaporeon exists out there somewhere too! Anyone happen to know if the rest exist?

Another Wants Post! Even Fewer than Before!

Hi there everyone! Here again is another one of my wants post. My wishlist has been dwindling slowly these past few months and now I'm left with only TWO important figures and one that is less significant. Even so, these figures are ones of the hardest figures to come by, so I really need some help. If anyone is selling/trading it or know anybody that have it for sale/trade please let me know, thank you!

WANTS, ordered by priority:


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That is all, I really hope I can find them before the 1st year anniversary of me collecting Pokemon figures ^.^
Thank you!